Recommended Online Marketing Tools

I love technology and gadgets, so tools for creating, running and growing an online business have long been an obsession of mine. Below, you'll find my recommended bundles for various purposes and stages of your business. What is a bundle? It's a set of tools that you need, all for the same purpose and all chosen to work well with each other.

Basic Website Bundle

This is the absolute bare minimum must-have before you can even be admitted into the game of online business. Don't even think of doing anything else before you get this set up.

namecheap logo
Domain name


NameCheap is what I use for all my website domain names. NameCheap has the most inexpensive prices for domain names and I highly recommend them. Right now, you can get your .com at a discounted price! This is perfect for starting that new website!

siteground logo

SiteGround Hosting

SiteGround is my # 1 recommendation for hosting because it's scalable and affordable. It's perfect for the person that is just getting started in their business. Start with SiteGround hosting and you'll have a fast website with extremely good customer service, free SSL and easy backup features. It's the perfect value for price and service.

wordpress logo


I built my very first website with WordPress, built dozens of WordPress sites since and have never looked back. What makes WordPress so powerful isn't just that it's free and open source, but that it's also the most widely used and supported content management system you can use. With themes and plugins, you can customize your WordPress site to your needs. And most importantly: your own WordPress installation on your hosting account means you have full control and ownership of your content.

google analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics to be honest is a pain in the ass. By default, it gives you some useful information, a lot of completely useless information and an overwhelming amount of options. It takes a lot of learning before you really get good use out of this tool. That said, it is by far the most sophisticated analytics tool you can use for free and it's very widely supported. You won't fall in love with Google Analytics right away, but use it from the start. It will pay off, eventually.

Lead Generation Bundle

Once you have a website set up, one of the most important steps is to put some lead generation in place. Here's what you need to start building an audience in the form of a mailing list. Plus, further tools that will help you create a conversion focused website.

activecampaign logo
Email Marketing


ActiveCampaign is one of countless email marketing and marketing automation tools available. Ultimately, it sets itself apart from competitors mainly through it's superior A/B testing features. It also has the most powerful follow-up automation builders in the business. You can also try it out for FREE!

Lead generation

thrive leads & thrive architect

If you're using WordPress, Thrive Leads is the best list building plugin, hands down. It gives you every opt-in form type you can think of, tons of templates and the ability to split test everything. And on the topic of building your mailing list, I don't know what I'd do without the Thrive Architect plugin for building landing pages, either.

group leads
Facebook Email Marketing

Group Leads

Group Leads is a Google Chrome extension that helps you to convert new facebook group members into leads within your chosen email marketing software with a click of button. This is an absolute must have if you have a facebook group or are thinking of creating one for your business.

Marketing Bundle

Now that you've set up the basics. What type of marketing do you intend to use to build your digital empire? Have a look at the marketing bundle to help you decide.

legendary marketer
Digital Marketing

Legendary Marketer

Right now, this is my #1 recommended online marketing education system. I really like them because they teach you how to make money and grow digital business online all for the price of a cup of coffee. They're extremely affordable to join and their training is NO FLUFF. If you're serious about making money online, Legendary shows you how to do it!

secret mlm hacks
Network Marketing

Secret MLM Hacks

If network marketing is your path to financial freedom, then you want to have a look at Secret MLM Hacks. On This Free Training Class, Steve Larsen will go behind the Scenes Of His Home Business To Show You Exactly How He's Grown It and More...

affiliate secrets 2.0
Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Secrets 3.0

If you're looking for A Deep Dive Into The "Big Picture" Of Affiliate Marketing. How To Get In The Right Mindset So That Everything You Touch Turns To Gold. Then you want to have a look at this course by Spencer Mecham.

Cyber Money Bundle

If you have an interest in real-world skillsets that will never grow old. Then I invite you to have a look at this ultimate Cyber Money Bundle.

eCom & Investing

Cyber Money

Right now, this is my #1 recommended eCom & investing education course dealing with ecommerce and Stock Market investing. Here you'll be introduced to a 7 course bundle by Chris Johnson, a self-made millionaire. His teachings have increased my net worth quicker than any other business venture I've been involved with. His course bundle is extremely affordable, straight to the point with NO FLUFF. If you're serious about making money online and through investing, this shows you how to do it!

Books That Will Make You a Better Online Entrepreneur

Dotcom Secrets

Russell Brunson

The Underground Playbook For Growing Your Company Online. This is hands down one of the simplest ways to understanding how to grow your online business. Plus it's an EASY read!

traffic secrets book

Traffic Secrets

Russell Brunson

Need more traffic to your website or funnel? New Free book show you 20+ Virtually Unknown Secrets to get any Website or Funnel

Expert Secrets

Russell Brunson

This Is One Of The Shortcuts of The New Rich. If you want to learn how to become the expert in your field and build a following..this is definitely worth the read!

copywriting secrets

Copywriting Secrets

Jim Edwards

If you’ve ever been frustrated by lack of sales, lack of clicks, or lack of subscribers… This is the book you’ve been looking for! 

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