The Best AI Side Hustles To Make Money Online In 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming industries and opening up new opportunities to make money online. In this post, I’ll share the top 3 AI side hustles you can start today with no experience required. These gigs leverage AI tools to help you earn income in your spare time.

1. Build Websites for Local Businesses

One of the hottest AI side hustles is creating websites for local/small businesses. Many local companies (chiropractors, restaurants, plumbers, etc) don’t have the time or tech skills to build their own site.

With AI website builders like Durable, you can create an entire website in under 30 seconds. Simply enter the business type and name, and Durable’s AI will generate a complete website.

From there, you can customize the content to meet the client’s needs. And if you need help finding potential clients, OutboundFlow is an AI email outreach tool that can help you get leads.

Most local sites only take a few hours of work, so you can charge anywhere from $500 – $2,000 per site. Reach out to businesses in your city to start lining up clients.

2. Create Children’s Books with AI

Parents are always looking for engaging new books for their kids. With AI, you can rapidly create and publish children’s books on Amazon.

Use a tool like ChatGPT to generate book titles and draft the story text. Then head to Canva and find children’s book templates to layout the book.

Once designed, publish the book on Amazon KDP. Amazon handles printing, shipping, and distribution – you just collect royalties!

Create a series of books around the same characters to maximize royalty income. This is a scalable side hustle that leverages AI content generation.

3. Offer Multi-language Translation Services

Do you speak multiple languages? There’s demand from content creators to translate videos and articles into different languages.

Tools like Dubverse AI can automatically translate videos into 30+ languages. You simply upload the original video, and Dubverse will transcribe and translate it.

As a service, you could translate and re-upload videos for YouTubers and content sites expanding into new markets. This saves them tons of time while unlocking new audience reach.

At $2,000 – $3,000 per month, there’s great earning potential translating content. By combining language skills with AI dubbing, you can scale this online business over time.

Start Your AI Side Hustle Today

As AI progresses, there will be more opportunities to monetize your skills and knowledge. I hope these 3 side hustle ideas spark some ideas!

What did you think of these AI business models?

Do you plan to start any of these side gigs? Let me know in the comments!

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