The 7 Day Shift Ghost Commerce Review – Unlocking Total Freedom

Success in today’s fast-paced, digital world requires a willingness to learn and adapt to new skills and opportunities. In this 7 Day Shift Ghost Commerce Review, I’ll tell you if I think it’s a good investment or not.

This article will help you get started with the 7 Day Shift program by showcasing its useful resources, including its supportive community, individual coaching, tried-and-true methodology, and money-back guarantee.

A Timeless System for Creating Job-Stopping Income

Are you tired of being stuck in a job that doesn’t fulfill your dreams? The 7 Day Shift offers a transformative solution to break free from financial constraints and achieve true freedom. This comprehensive program, priced at only $27, provides a step-by-step process to build a successful online business using the principles of Ghost Commerce. In this review, I will discuss the product’s design and quality, key features and functionality, comparison with similar products, pros and cons, user experiences and testimonials, tips and tricks for maximizing the program, frequently asked questions, and my conclusion and recommendation.

A System That Delivers Results

The 7 Day Shift is well-designed and structured, ensuring a seamless learning experience for users. The program is hosted on the Otherlife platform, providing instant access to the 7-day step-by-step training. The quality of the training materials and resources is impressive, and the Phantom software tool, included as part of the program, simplifies the technical aspects of online business. Furthermore, the lifetime membership to the Otherlife private Facebook community offers invaluable support and accountability throughout your journey.

My Personal First 30 Day Results:

7 day shift commission

Watch the free introduction to the 7 Day Shift here!

In-Depth Analysis of Ghost Commerce

The 7 Day Shift is built upon the Ghost Commerce model, which allows you to create multiple high-leverage income streams by building digital assets that connect targeted audiences with high-value solutions. The program covers the following key steps:

1. Choose a Niche

The program guides you in selecting a profitable niche that aligns with your interests and expertise. This step ensures that you focus your efforts on an area that has the potential for long-term success.

2. Create Your Brand

Building a strong brand is crucial for attracting your target audience. The 7 Day Shift provides guidance on creating a compelling brand identity that resonates with your niche and sets you apart from competitors.

3. Setup Monetization

Monetizing your digital assets is a vital aspect of online business. This step teaches you various methods to generate income from your audience, including affiliate marketing, product creation, and more.

4. Conversion System

An automated conversion system is essential for generating sales even when you’re not actively promoting. The program introduces the Phantom software tool, which helps you build a seamless sales funnel to drive conversions.

5. Send Traffic

Generating traffic to your digital assets is a crucial aspect of growing your online business. The 7 Day Shift provides strategies for attracting targeted traffic through organic methods, paid advertising, and leveraging social media platforms.

6. Scale

Once you have established a profitable system, scaling becomes the next logical step. This module offers insights and strategies to expand your business and maximize your income potential.

Comparison with Similar Products

The 7 Day Shift stands out from other online business programs due to its emphasis on the timeless principles of Ghost Commerce. Unlike many fads or trends, this program focuses on proven strategies that have stood the test of time. The comprehensive nature of the training, the inclusion of the Phantom software tool, and the supportive community set it apart from similar offerings in the market.

Pros and Cons



  • Step-by-step action plan for implementing the Ghost Commerce model
  • Access to the Phantom software tool for simplified tech processes
  • Lifetime membership to the supportive Otherlife private Facebook community
  • Personalized guidance through one-on-one coaching sessions with an Otherlife Member Mentor
  • Bonus: Complete 8-figure product ecosystem for additional earning potential
  • Affordable price of $27 with a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Advanced training and hands-on support require enrollment in Infinite coaching program
  • Limited trial access to certain tools beyond the program

The Advatages Of Otherlife Community

Even though you can start a business from scratch on your own, you’ll have more fun and accomplish more if you work with others who share your passion.

The 7 Day Shift program has helped me connect with a wonderful group of people who are all on the same path. Some of these are individuals I make money with and do business with.

The more people you talk to, the more ideas you’ll get, the more encouragement you’ll get, and the faster you’ll reach your goals.

Watch the free introduction to the 7 Day Shift here!

User Experiences and Testimonials

The 7 Day Shift has received numerous positive testimonials from users who have experienced remarkable success.

Here are a few examples:

  • Connor Auld, a program participant, highlighted the life-changing impact of implementing the strategies taught in the program, leading to his first commission of $1,600 within just over a week.
  • Kelsey O’Neal expressed gratitude to Jeff Samis and Jessica Samis for their guidance, which resulted in the easiest $800 payday and significant positive life changes.
  • Rich Feola achieved impressive revenue of $150,000 per month by applying the strategies taught in the program, surpassing their previous monthly revenue in a single day.

Maximizing Your Experience with the 7 Day Shift

Embrace the step-by-step approach: Take action and implement each day’s mission to progress effectively.

Leverage the Phantom software tool: Utilize this powerful tool to automate various aspects of your online business and increase efficiency.

Engage with the Otherlife private Facebook community: Connect with like-minded individuals who can offer support, guidance, and collaboration opportunities.

Take advantage of one-on-one coaching: Use your personal coaching session to clarify your goals and create a tailored plan for success.

Capitalize on the complete 8-figure product ecosystem: Clone and adapt proven high-converting products, landing pages, and email swipes to expedite your earning potential.

Who Teaches The 7 Day Shift Training?

Taught by Jeff Samis

Jeff Samis’s hard work and knowledge in online marketing paid off, and he became known for his ability to increase a company’s organic traffic and lead generation. His innovative methods and focus on data yielded impressive outcomes for his customers. Many businesses benefited from his efforts, which led to expanded online visibility and higher earnings.

Watch the free introduction to the 7 Day Shift here!

jeff samis

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Ghost Commerce?

Ghost Commerce is a timeless business model that allows individuals to create multiple high leverage income streams by building digital assets. These assets connect targeted audiences with valuable solutions, offering both profitability and the freedom to work from anywhere.

Is this live training?

No, the training is pre-recorded and can be accessed at your own pace and convenience.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, The 7 Day Shift comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the program’s delivery of value, you can request a full refund.

Is this all I’ll need?

The training provides foundational knowledge and guidance for building a successful online business. Advanced training and additional support are available through their Infinite coaching program for those seeking further growth.

Unlock Total Freedom with The 7 Day Shift

If you are ready to break free from the limitations of traditional employment and embark on a journey towards financial freedom, The 7 Day Shift is a program worth considering. With its step-by-step approach, powerful tools like the Phantom software, and a supportive community, it offers a comprehensive roadmap to success in the world of Ghost Commerce. While there are more advanced options available for continued growth, The 7 Day Shift provides a solid foundation for individuals looking to create job-stopping income. I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking a transformative online business experience.

My Otherlife Bonus When Signing Up

otherlife bonus

As for bonuses, anyone who signs up for the 7-day shift here will get access to my “Passive Income Shorts” mini-course too. Building a ghost commerce business requires an understanding of content creation, and I haven’t yet found beginner-friendly training that teaches the importance of creating short-form content that pays. I’ll show you how to get past the hurdles in a step-by-step, click-by-click format. Once this is finished, all you have to worry about is how creative you’d like to get with your videos.

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