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If you’ve been around the ClickFunnels community for any period of time, then you’ve probably heard of the Dream Car Contest. You know, the one where ClickFunnels pays $500 per month, towards your new vehicle once you’ve referred at least 100 active users. Then they pay $1000 per month, once you’ve referred 200 active users.

How awesome would it be if someone who’s a successful ClickFunnels affiliate broke down step by step on how they won the Dream Car contest? Well guess what you’re in luck, because that’s what Jacob Caris did with his course Dream Car Profits!

Dream Car Profits ReviewPublished on: April 21, 2019

Summary:Dream Car Profits by Jacob Caris is a digital marketing course that teaches the exact same blueprint used to win the ClickFunnels Dream Car.

If you’re ready to buy, skip to the end of this review, because in addition to Jacob’s bonuses I’m also giving away my Dream Car Profits Bonus.

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What Is Dream Car Profits?

Dream Car Profits is a newly designed course launched by ClickFunnels Dream Car Winner Jacob Caris. It is specifically designed to show any ClickFunnels Affiliate on how to win the Dream Car using the same successful strategies that worked for Jacob.

Not only does this course work for ClickFunnels (read my ClickFunnels Review), but the methods taught work with any affiliate program. Jacob has applied these exact strategies to high ticket affiliate products and has achieved insane results using them.

Perhaps the most intriguing thing about the program is that Jacob lets aspiring affiliate marketers in on some of the biggest strategies in the affiliate marketing industry. It’s the strategies no one wants to talk about. 

It’s that the top marketers; the ones who win awards and take home trophies like “top affiliate of the year”; the ones pulling in multiple six figure incomes; they are all using strategies that they won’t dare share. That’s what Jacob’s course comes in.

Dream Car Profits is broken down into steps in which Jacob explains and teaches through a combination of powerpoint, how-to videos, and over-the-shoulder videos helping you to succeed at each step. Jacob doesn’t hold back and makes it very clear on what you need to do to model his plan for success.

Who Is Jacob Caris and Why Listen To Him?

Coming straight outta Australia, the land down under. A little under 2 years ago Jacob was exactly where you likely are right now. Looking for the winning strategies that would take him from a complete affiliate marketing nobody, to affiliate marketing riches. 

He invested thousands of dollars in courses, coaching, testing and optimizing a ton of affiliate strategies to figure out what actually worked. Around a year and a half after his affiliate marketing journey began, he hit his first big milestone & won the ClickFunnels Dream Car. He was number #53(there are over 59,000 people in the ClickFunnels Affiliate Facebook Group).

Shortly after that he crossed the 6 Figure mark in total commissions & was able to step away from his 9 – 5 (more like 9 – 9 as he would put it..HA) Corporate Finance job and go full time with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing freed him from the corporate grind. Which is why he created Dream Car Profits to help others replicate his success and experience the freedom he’s been able to create for himself in the affiliate marketing industry.

Who Is Dream Car Profits For?

If you are currently a ClickFunnels affiliate or an affiliate marketer in general and are looking to grow your commissions and win your dream car, then this course is for you.

Also, if you have considered doing affiliate marketing but decided against it because you thought that it was too competitive or winning awards were out of reach, then this is for you too.

One of the main reasons this course works for anyone, regardless of level of experience is because of the simple strategies Jacob teaches. These strategies can easily be duplicated so anyone (new or experienced) can experience the same level of success (or more) provided they remain a student of the techniques that Jacob teaches.

An Overview Of Dream Car Profits

Once logged into Dream Car Profits, you’ll find there are several modules inside of the course. Jacob has dedicated each strategy with its own section, ranging from both free and paid strategies all geared towards your affiliate success. 

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Blogging With a Twist

Jacob has his own approach to Blogging and SEO that’s worked to give him tremendous success. He teaches how to pull in commissions by leveraging Blogging and utilizing his keyword research tactics, plugins and even shows you the type of content to publish.

Video SEO

If you didn’t know already, video plays a big role in affiliate marketing success and I can personally attest to that. Jacob holds no punches in his video strategy. As with blogging, you’ll learn his keyword research strategy, type of content to publish and proper SEO techniques to use to skyrocket your videos in YouTube.

Adwords & Bing

Organic traffic is always the best traffic..because it’s free! But organic traffic is also slow..and you know the saying, “money is attracted to speed” and the only way to guarantee that speed is through paid traffic. In Dream Car Profits, Jacob teaches you how to go about using paid methods the correct way. He explains what works and how not to waste your money by giving it all away to Google.

Facebook Groups

If you aren’t using Facebook groups to grow your commissions and work your way up to your dream car, then you doing yourself a huge disservice and you’re likely missing out on countless dollars. Jacob shows you how to properly start a facebook group and cultivate it into a thriving community that will pay you on auto-pilot.


So once you’ve finally started earning commissions and making a name for yourself. It’s time to start earning an extra income from coaching. Jacob shows you the proper way to go about it and utilize it to earn more sales and commissions. Coaching is also a great way to build your personal brand and trustworthiness in your industry.

How Much Is Dream Car Profits?

At the moment the course is relatively inexpensive. It started at $47 at its launch but has slowly increased in price (check current price herewhich is more than fair given the value Jacob provides. If you are serious about winning your dream car or affiliate marketing success in general, then do yourself a favor and grab a copy while the price is still low.

My Dream Car Profits Bonus

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By combining both my bonuses and Jacob’s, you’ll be adding more income generating assets to your entrepreneur tool kit. I guarantee this will help you on your path to winning your dream car.

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My Opinion Of Dream Car Profits

When I purchased the course Jacob was actually giving people a 48 hour free trial. Meaning, all I had to do was sign up and go through the course and I wouldn’t be charged until after 48 hours and if I didn’t like it I wouldn’t be charged. I went through the course and could have easily took my notes and went about my business. But I found it to be so valuable that I paid him anyways, even after having the course for free.

If you’re a new or struggling ClickFunnels Affiliate and have a goal to win that Dream Car Award then this course is a no brainer. Jacob is a no bullsh#t kind of guy, he keeps it real on what is working and what has continued to work for him. There are so many affiliates out there and you should be taking every opportunity to have an advantage over them. 

Jacob’s commitment to your affiliate success and keeping it real is unmatched. Dream Car Profits will advance your skills and help you on your journey to winning that Dream Car.

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