Opus Clip Review: Repurpose Long Videos into Viral Shorts with Ease

A Game-Changing Video Tool

Creating engaging short videos for platforms like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and Facebook Rails can be a daunting task. However, Opus Clip is here to revolutionize the way you repurpose your long-form videos. With its generative AI technology, Opus Clip allows you to effortlessly transform lengthy videos into attention-grabbing shorts with just a single click. In this review, we will delve into the key features, functionality, and user experiences of Opus Clip.

Design and Quality: Seamlessly Transforming Videos

Opus Clip boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible to both novice and experienced creators. The tool leverages cutting-edge AI algorithms to curate the most compelling hooks from your long videos, extracting relevant highlights from various parts and seamlessly rearranging them into cohesive viral short videos. The resulting clips are professionally edited, ensuring a smooth and captivating viewing experience for your audience.

AI Curation (ClipGenius™)

Opus Clip’s AI curation feature, known as ClipGenius™, analyzes your video to identify the most captivating moments. By extracting juicy highlights from different parts of your video, ClipGenius™ creates short clips that are both engaging and shareable. This AI-driven process eliminates the need for manual video editing, saving you time and effort.

AI Virality Score™

To further enhance the virality potential of your short clips, Opus Clip’s AI automatically generates a Virality Score™. This score is based on the AI’s analysis of thousands of viral videos, ensuring that your clips have the highest chance of capturing the attention of your target audience. With the Virality Score™, you can make data-driven decisions on which clips to prioritize for maximum impact.

Key Features and Functionality: Enhancing Your Short Videos

Opus Clip offers a range of powerful tools designed to help you create and grow your video content. Let’s explore some of these features and how they benefit creators like you.

Active Speaker Detection

Opus Clip’s predictive AI goes beyond basic video editing by analyzing moving faces and ensuring that you and your guests’ faces are always at the center of the video frame. This feature guarantees that your audience remains engaged with the content and avoids distractions caused by off-center framing.

AI Keyword Highlighter

Highlighting keywords is crucial for grabbing viewers’ attention and increasing video watch time. Opus Clip’s AI Keyword Highlighter analyzes your video captions and automatically highlights the most valuable keywords. On average, this feature boosts video watch time by an impressive 65%, allowing you to maximize the impact of your content.

AI Emoji Generator

Emojis have become an integral part of online communication, and Opus Clip leverages this trend to enhance your short videos. The AI Emoji Generator analyzes your video and automatically adds relevant emojis to highlight valuable content. Studies have shown that emojis can increase views by an average of 42%, making your clips more engaging and shareable.

More Powerful Tools for Creation and Growth

Opus Clip doesn’t stop at the basics. The tool offers a range of additional features to help you create professional-quality videos with ease. From auto resizing to 9:16 ratio and auto transitions for smoother jump cuts, to auto captioning with exceptional accuracy, Opus Clip ensures impeccable video quality and optimal viewer engagement. The tool also includes filler word removal to make your videos sound cleaner, a customized brand kit to maintain a consistent visual aesthetic, trendy templates for effortless video creation, and AI re-layout to keep speakers at the center of the screen.

Comparison with Similar Products: Opus Clip Leads the Way

While there are other video editing tools available, Opus Clip stands out from the crowd due to its advanced AI-powered features. Compared to traditional video editing software or manual editing processes, Opus Clip’s AI curation and analysis save creators a significant amount of time and effort. Additionally, Opus Clip’s emphasis on virality potential through the Virality Score™ and its array of powerful tools tailored specifically for short video creation give it a competitive edge in the market.

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Pros and Cons

Like any product, Opus Clip has its strengths and limitations. Let’s explore the pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.


  • Effortlessly repurpose long videos into attention-grabbing short clips
  • AI-powered curation and analysis save time and effort
  • Active Speaker Detection ensures the focus remains on you and your guests
  • AI Keyword Highlighter boosts video watch time by 65%
  • AI Emoji Generator increases views by 42%
  • Additional powerful tools for video creation and growth
  • Positive user experiences and testimonials from various creators


  • Currently supports video content in English only
  • Free trial limited to 120 minutes of video upload with 30 downloadable clips
  • Paid subscription plans required for extended usage

User Experiences and Testimonials

Opus Clip has garnered rave reviews from creators who have experienced its transformative capabilities. Let’s take a look at what users are saying:

  • Abja, a TikTok creator, achieved her most viewed video on TikTok within six hours, even in a niche with typically low views.
  • LukeStephensTV, a creator agency, praised Opus Clip for being consistently useful, surpassing the effectiveness of teams hired for video editing.
  • Ash Boarland, a marketing coach, emphasized how Opus Clip eliminates the struggle of creating short videos and covers all the major platforms.
  • BellularGaming, a game developer, was astonished by the tool’s ability to create solid and engaging clips by reframing sections of news content.
  • Ev Chapman, an entrepreneur, was impressed by Opus Clip’s speed in generating multiple clips with headlines and subtitles from a 20-minute video.
  • Vazer11, a video editor, expressed gratitude for Opus Clip, which helped their marketing company create faster and more effective short content.
  • Busy Works Beats, a podcaster, witnessed Opus Clip generate videos that garnered 100,000 views without any manual editing.
  • Kozmou223, a YouTube creator, experienced significant growth, reaching 20,000 views within a few days of starting their channel by exclusively posting Opus Clip shorts.

Tips and Tricks: Getting the Most Out of Opus Clip

To maximize your experience with Opus Clip, here are a few tips and tricks:

  • Experiment with different long videos to discover the most engaging clips.
  • Pay attention to the AI Virality Score™ to prioritize clips with the highest viral potential.
  • Customize captions and text to ensure they align with your brand and desired messaging.
  • Explore the various features and tools available to enhance your videos further.
  • Keep an eye on the latest trends and adapt your content accordingly for increased engagement.


How does Opus Clip work?

Opus Clip utilizes big data to analyze your video content in relation to the latest social and marketing trends from major platforms. It generates a comprehensive understanding of your video for data-driven decisions on content repurposing. Opus Clip selects the highlighting moments of your long video, rearranges them into attention-grabbing shorts, and polishes them with dynamic captions, AI relayout, and smooth transitions to ensure coherence and impact.

Why do I need to make short clips?

Creating short clips has several benefits:

  • Repurposing existing videos: Get extra shorts without additional work.
  • Boosting discoverability: Posting daily clips increases the chances of your content being discovered.
  • Monetization opportunities: Platforms like YouTube and Instagram offer monetization programs for short videos, enabling you to expedite your monetization speed.

How do I get started with Opus Clip?

Getting started is simple. Just enter your YouTube link and click “Get clips,” and Opus Clip will automatically create the clips for you.

Which types of videos can I upload?

Opus Clip works best with videos longer than 15 minutes that feature spoken words. It relies on words for AI curation. Video podcasts, educational videos, commentary videos, product reviews, and motivational speeches are among the types of videos that perform well with Opus Clip.

Which languages are supported?

Currently, Opus Clip only supports video content in English. However, the tool is expected to roll out support for additional languages in the future.

Is Opus Clip free to use?

Opus Clip offers a limited-time free trial with 120 minutes of video upload and up to 30 downloadable clips. Beyond the trial period, paid subscription plans are available on a monthly or yearly basis. For further details, please refer to Opus Clip’s subscription options.

Unlock Your Video’s Potential with Opus Clip

Opus Clip is a game-changing tool for creators who want to repurpose their long videos into captivating shorts effortlessly. With its AI-driven curation, active speaker detection, keyword highlighting, and emoji generation, Opus Clip equips you with the necessary features to create engaging and shareable content. While there are some limitations, such as language support and subscription requirements, the overwhelmingly positive user experiences and testimonials attest to the effectiveness and value of Opus Clip. If you’re looking to accelerate your video creation and grow your audience, Opus Clip is a highly recommended tool for you.

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