Parallel Profits Review & Bonus

Parallel Profits ReviewPublished on: Dec 17, 2018

Summary:Parallel Profits teaches a business model that is without doubt one of the fastest ways to generate a full time living working from home in the local lead generation niche.

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Parallel Profits teaches a business model that is without doubt one of the fastest ways to generate a full time living working from home. In fact, you only need as little as 7 “sales” to create a $100,000 per year run-rate.

The business model is selling simple services to local businesses but with three BIG twists that make this product completely unique and different to anything ANYONE has done before.

1. People who follow the training will be invited to work together with Steve and Aidan as part of a franchise. This means YOU won’t need to worry about creating a brand, domain name or website. Neither will you need to worry about copywriting or marketing materials. Everything will already by set up and ready to go so you can secure your territory and start making sales with immediate effect!

2. When YOU secure local businesses as clients, you won’t need to perform, or even outsource any of the services that you will be offering to them. Why? Because there will be a full team in place to do all the work for you, eliminating the need for experience or expertise.

3. Thanks to the unique client capture system and as a benefit of partnering with us, customers of Parallel Profits won’t even need to have any face to face interaction with customers, or do any selling at all, thanks to a variety of built-in lead-generation systems and processes!

“These three “twists” will remove almost all the usual roadblocks that people hit when trying to build a business, make the model highly scalable and subsequently will dramatically increase their chances of success.”

Here are just some further details we have right now:

  • Parallel Profits pricing (estimated) : $2,497 (one-time payment) or 3 payments of $997
  • It will be launched on ClickBank
  • Launch on 29 Jan 2019
  • Total launch duration: 9 days

The Creators of Parallel Profits

steve clayton & aidan booth

Steven Clayton

Coming from a corporate background, Steve was already the vice president of a Fortune 500 company when he decided to call it quits from the corporate world…

Soon he launched his own online marketing business. The company was named, ‘Worth Overdoing Marketing and Consulting.’

Steve also brought the experience he attained from his corporate career to his personal business. So not to long after, his company soared, achieving huge success in the internet marketing niches such as Affiliate Marketing, Product Creation, SEO, and PPC.

Then came the big moment when he teamed up with Tim Godfrey and created Commission Blueprint.

This was essentially a video course detailing how to build a successful Google AdWords campaign. The product took-off in the market!

In six months, they were already out with Niche Blueprint which did very well. Other successfully products launched by Steve include 7-Figure Cycle and 100k Factory.

Aidan Booth

A renowned internet marketer from New Zealand, now living in Argentina.  When he moved to Argentina in 2003, after his marriage, Aidan couldn’t get a job there because he could not speak Spanish.

So what did Aidan do? He turned to the internet to seek out online gigs. That was the beginning of a successful journey that has led Aidan to become the overachieving and successful internet marketer he is today.

Aidan later teamed up with Steve Clayton, making them a dynamic duo in the internet marketing space.

You can have a look at Aidan’s blog to see for yourself.

Why You Should & Shouldn’t Consider Parallel Profits

Here’s why you SHOULD consider:

  • ClickBank is one of the largest and most reliable online marketplaces.
  • Whether you are familiar with them or not, it’s a fact that Aidan & Steve are authorities in this space. This is proven by the results they’ve gotten and the number of people they’ve helped over the years.
  • With that, there will definitely be strong training and support provided.

Here’s why you SHOULD NOT consider:

  • Parallel Profits is a high-ticket product like their previous ones. That means the cost of the program definitely won’t be cheap.

If investing a few thousand dollars into a program will put you in a huge financial burden, then this probably isn’t something you should consider at the moment.

But if you’re someone who’s probably going to sit on the fence, let me share something with you…

It has been shown time and time again that the more you spend on something, the more value you place on it which creates a sense of commitment for you to get results.

In other words…if you’re always chasing down the next “freebie” or “shiny object”, then you’ll never be able to commit to the right opportunity when it presents itself.

So let me ask you…

If a system has been proven to help people make 7-figures, doesn’t it make sense to invest a few thousand bucks in the beginning? You do want to be a Boss right?

How hungry are you for that 5, 6, or 7-figure payout?

Stay tuned for my Parallel Profits Review and the introduction of the bonuses you get soon.

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