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What Is Affiliate Secrets 3.0?

Does Affiliate Secrets 3.0 really offer the greatest training for affiliate marketing?

The most popular affiliate marketing course, Affiliate Secrets, has been updated to Affiliate Secrets 3.0 by Spencer Mecham.

When it comes to building an affiliate marketing business, there are a lot of moving parts to consider. You’ll learn about everything from SEO to blogging to social media to sponsored traffic to organic traffic in Spencer’s new book Affiliate Secrets 3.0.Affiliate Secrets 3.0 has proven to be a successful course with over 500 students earning over $1,000,000 in commissions and 15 students winning their dream cars.

Which one is better, Affiliate Secrets 3.0 or 2.0?Among the many changes is that Affiliate Secrets has been totally overhauled in the most recent release. In addition to re-shooting all of the films, Spencer re-educated the team on new methods and channels (TikTok for example).

Who is Spencer Mecham?

Spencer Mecham is someone who lives up to the “affiliate marketer guru” hype. For starters, he is a top 10 ClickFunnels affiliate. If you are familiar with the ClickFunnels community, then you know why that’s such a big deal. Mecham is a Dream Car Winner with ClickFunnels also, which means he has acquired over 100 active ClickFunnels users through his affiliate marketing campaigns.

Mecham isn’t a massive social media influencer and he doesn’t run an ads agency. So how did he achieve his success as an affiliate marketer? He did it the old fashioned way. He took his time to learn the craft, learned from his failures, scaled his successes and continued his progress. By doing so, Mecham earned the distinguished honor of being an elite affiliate marketer, referring more than 2500 active member to ClickFunnels. We know the proof is in the pudding so here’s a screenshot of recurring revenue Spencer generated in August 2018.

spencer mecham affiliate earnings

On top of all that, he’s a star on TikTok and has a huge following on YouTube.To my knowledge, Spencer’s business has grown mostly through organic social media channels, YouTube, sponsored traffic, email marketing, and funnels; this is also the focus of the Affiliate Secrets 3.0 course.So, let’s take a closer look.

How Much Is Spencer Mecham’s Affiliate Secrets 3.0? 

So let’s get down to it, what is the pricing of the new version 3.0 of Affiliate Secrets?In order to purchase Affiliate Secrets 3.0, you have two options: a one-time payment of $1,497.00, or a three-month payment plan of $600 per month.In terms of price, it’s not cheap, but it’s in line with many other high-value courses that are in the same ballpark.You can only pay with a credit card on the checkout page, but heard about the possibility of paying with PayPal, I read in his FB Group that you may do so by sending them a PayPal payment and then emailing support for course access.

affiliate secrets 3.0 price

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 Pricing 

So let’s go over everything you need to know about the Affiliate Secrets 3.0 pricing… and I’ll keep you updated if anything changes.The following are some possible choices:


One-Time Payment ($1,497.00)

  • Price: $1,497 (one time payment)
  • What’s Included: A complete training on everything from YouTube to Facebook, Blogging to TikTok is yours when you purchase this package. There are 14 modules in total, and each one contains dozens of recordings.
  • You Also Get: Additional Bonuses, Spencer’s DFY email sequences, one-click landing page imports, outsourcing secrets and JV Launch Secrets are included in the course goodies. 30-day Fast Track and Adwords Millionaire are also included in the course (how to dominate Google ads with one single ad).

Best Value


3 Monthly Payments of $600.00 ($1,800.00 Total)

  • Price: $1800 (three monthly payments of $600)
  • What’s Included: A complete training on everything from YouTube to Facebook, Blogging to TikTok is yours when you purchase this package. There are 14 modules in total, and each one contains dozens of recordings.
  • You Also Get: Additional Bonuses, Spencer’s DFY email sequences, one-click landing page imports, outsourcing secrets and JV Launch Secrets are included in the course goodies. 30-day Fast Track and Adwords Millionaire are also included in the course (how to dominate Google ads with one single ad).


Affiliate Secrets 3.0 Discount

During the recent relaunch of Affiliate Secrets there was a launch discount, as of writing this there is a Black Friday Deal happening.

Check For Discounts/Deals 🔥

Refund Policy

When you buy Affiliate Secrets, you get a 15-day money-back guarantee. It is only after completing at least half of the course that a student is eligible for a refund. Buildapreneur (Spencer) can give a refund at their discretion if you still feel the training does not meet your expectations at this point.

What Can You Expect to Learn and Do in the Affiliate Secrets 3.0 Training?

Now that we’ve covered the essentials, including cost, it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty.Are there any tangible benefits to taking the course?If you’ve already decided to buy the course, you may want to check out the sales page or Spencer’s fantastic webinar to learn more about the course’s content.Let’s go for it!

Overview Of Affiliate Secrets 3.0 – What Will You Learn?

Spencer Mecham and a few other industry experts in Affiliate Secrets 3.0, teach you all you need to know about affiliate marketing in 2022. (Nate Mcallister of teaches the blogging section, for example).Affiliate Secrets 3.0 includes the following at a high level:

  • Find insanely profitable niches with no competition by using these techniques.
  • Identifying and promoting high-profit items
  • Thorough training in the use of social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and blogging
  • The best way to get leads for your affiliate program from free traffic
  • Learn how to automate your email marketing to increase sales.
  • Learn how to build landing pages and sales funnels that actually convert
  • And that’s not all!

Now let’s get into the weeds…affiliate secrets courses

The Core training and Traffic Edition are the two main sections of this course.The first focuses on helping new affiliates get up and running.More particular channels and methods like TikTok and Facebook Groups are covered in the Traffic Edition.

The Core: Getting Your Company Off the Ground


The Core training will have you watching Spencer as he goes through niche selection, discovering fantastic offers, and constructing your automated affiliate funnels.Beginners should start here and work their way up to avoid becoming overwhelmed.You’ll learn how to make lead magnets, landing sites, email funnels, and more.Examine each module in turn below:

Module 1: Niche Discovery

The first and possibly most crucial decision you’ll make in your affiliate marketing career is deciding on a niche.Spencer delves deeply into niche selection in Module 1 of Affiliate Secrets 3.0, which comprises 1 video lesson.You will discover:

  1. 1How to Choose a Niche
  2. 2Money-making evergreen niches
  3. 3How to Narrow Your Focus and Become an Authority in Your New Niche

(Learn more here).

Module 2 – Products you should promote

If you’ve successfully identified your topic, you should now join several affiliate programs to increase traffic to your affiliate links!This is where Affiliate Secrets Module 2 comes in.Spencer walks you through the process of identifying the correct products to promote, from recurring affiliate products to high-ticket items, and everything in between.This part contains only one video, but it contains all you need to be strategic and choose the correct goods for your business.

Module 3 – Lead Magnets

What exactly is a lead magnet?A “Lead Magnet” is a marketing funnel that helps you obtain leads into your sales process (funnel) by providing something of value away for free, so you can continue to sell to them using email marketing software.It usually takes the shape of a free download or course: checklists, PDFs, eBooks… they’re all fair game for generating leads.Once a lead is on your email list, you can send them offers indefinitely (until they unsubscribe).Spencer will go over this subject in depth so you can easily set up your lead magnets to sell your affiliate products and develop your own business asset in the form of an email list so you always have potential clients to send your offers to.To be honest, I like Spencer’s deep dive into the realm of sales funnels and lead magnets.This demonstrates his knowledge and experience. Most affiliate marketing courses will lead you through the process of constructing your website and basically spamming your offers on social media, but Spencer takes a different approach and teaches you how to build actual business assets.

Module 4 – Landing Pages For Marketers

Module 4 will take you deeper into the world of marketing and teach you all about landing pages.There are numerous landing page builders available, such as ClickFunnels, GrooveFunnels, Kartra, and Thrive Themes (and many more)….but which should you pick?You’ll learn everything you need to know about popular landing page builders, what makes a strong landing page, and a deep dive into things like affiliate landing pages and split testing in five distinct videos.Then you’ll get down to business, creating affiliate bridge pages and more.This module includes one assignment that you must complete.Are you ready to see the sales page? Now click here.

Module 5 – Email Marketing For Marketers

You’ve probably heard how crucial it is to establish an email list if you want to be an affiliate marketer.Because you are not the product owner and do not control the checkout process for the products you push, an email list is one of the only actual assets you can own as an affiliate marketer.If you exclusively promote on Facebook and social media, it will be difficult to scale your business because you will be building on top of someone else’s brand.Module 5 delves deep into the area of email marketing, and as a member of Spencer Mecham’s email list, I can assure you that he is an outstanding email marketer, so you’ll be learning from the best.This is one of the course’s longest modules, with at least 16 video lessons covering everything from getting started with email marketing to setting up your email infrastructure and creating the email automations that will help you sell your affiliate products.

Module 6 – Close With Bonuses

Using bonuses is one way affiliate marketers can increase their affiliate commissions.Bonuses are things that you give out to anyone who purchases a product through your affiliate link, which helps to incentivize the transaction.Spencer demonstrates how to create outstanding bonus offers in three videos in Module 6. You will discover:

  • How and when should you use bonuses?
  • The ideal types of bonuses to use in order to increase commissions
  • All about bonus landing pages
  • (There are also some useful resources in this course.)

Module 7 – JV Launches For Marketers

Are you on the email lists of any major affiliates? Have you ever seen them promote a large product launch?If so, you are most likely witnessing a joint venture launch.JVs (Joint Venture Partners) are affiliates that often work with the product owner to boost traffic during the launch phase of a product launch.Because of the size of their email list or their online influence, they may be given first access as an affiliate for a product launch; either way, it’s a highly profitable affiliate marketing technique.Spencer is no stranger to joint venture launches, and he’ll walk you through all you need to know to generate traffic as a JV and begin making money from other people’s product launches.

Module 8 – Personal Accessibility

Module 8 is more of a bonus module that delves into what Spencer considers to be a significant edge you can develop for your affiliate marketing business: personal access to you, the affiliate marketer.Spencer demonstrates in this module how providing his customers exclusive access to his time has helped him expand his business significantly faster through networking and sales.

Module 9 – AdWords For Digital Marketers

No affiliate marketing course would be complete without a part on paid advertising, which Spencer provides in this Google AdWords section (Now Google Ads).Spencer teaches you how to create affiliate advertisements on Google Ads in 11 separate tutorials in Module 9.You will discover:

  1. 1Google Ads Overview and Everything You Need to Know
  2. 2Campaigns, keyword research, and ad groups
  3. 3Setting up your campaign properly and launching your ads
  4. 4Advanced reporting and techniques

Traffic Edition: Using Social Media

Traffic Edition is a mix of new and refreshed Affiliate Secrets 2.0 content that focuses on specific channels such as Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube.Let’s get started.

Module 1 – Facebook Organic Methods

Selling affiliate offers on Facebook has recently grown popular, and it is likely one of the quickest methods to start generating money online.You can reach a large audience to pitch your affiliate items to by providing useful content and connecting with Facebook groups and communities.Traffic Edition: Module 1 gets you started on the path to being a Facebook organic marketer.You’ll learn all of the strategies for driving traffic and selling your products on Facebook Messenger.You can also use these skills on LinkedIn and other platforms such as Twitter to increase affiliate sales.

Module 2 – YouTube for Marketers

Spencer is an expert on YouTube and has had great success monetizing it for his affiliate marketing business.If you haven’t already, check out his YouTube account to see what I mean.Spencer shares his exact technique for growing and monetizing a YouTube channel as an affiliate marketer in this lesson.You will learn the following in 23 video lessons:

  • The big picture and the significance of YouTube and search.
  • The types of videos you should be making
  • Tools he utilizes, video SEO, and much more.

This is a super exhaustive section because Spencer is an expert on the YouTube algorithm and employs so many successful strategies.

Module 3 – TikTok for Digital Marketers 

spencer tiktok profile

TikTok has recently been killing it for a ton of marketers I know, and I’ve just started to grow my profile as well…Spencer, on the other hand, has converted TikTok into a key traffic route for his business, amassing millions of views and hundreds of thousands of followers.In this lesson, he will teach you the fine art of growing and monetizing a TikTok channel as an affiliate across ten distinct videos.

Module 4 – Facebook Groups For Digital Marketing

Spencer also enjoys Facebook Groups, which he has used to great success with his own group, Automation Nation.With original content, skilled affiliates can create communities and build trust and authority in their personal brands through Facebook Groups, allowing them to nurture leads and increase sales.Another massive module, this segment contains over ten lessons that will teach you how to grow and monetize a Facebook group with over 10,000 members.

Module 5 – Blogging and SEO

Nate McCallister, an affiliate and entrepreneur who has scaled his blogs to over 6 figures in profit, teaches the blogging and SEO affiliate marketing segment.This is a massive part with over 50 video courses covering all you need to know about creating and maintaining an affiliate site using SEO.While the content in this area is excellent, I believe it detracts from some of the other methods in Affiliate Secrets, and if your objective is to establish an affiliate blog with SEO, there are more specialized courses available that can help you get the job done with less distractions.

Who is Affiliate Secrets 3.0 For? 

This program is for anyone who:

  • Wants to build a passive income stream while working a steady 9-5
  • Wants to leave their 9-5, but doesn’t have the time or money to start a brick and mortar business
  • Is looking to add additional $$$$ to their monthly income without getting a second job
  • Wants to learn how to build a profitable affiliate marketing business from a true success in the field
  • Has tried other courses without success but still believes they can be a successful affiliate marketer with the right guidance
  • You are confident that affiliate marketing is what you want to learn.

This program is NOT for anyone who:

  • You don’t have much money to start up and don’t have any money coming in yet.
  • You like to collect expensive courses because they look nice.
  • You’re going to return it after a week because it’s “not for you.”

The Pro’s & Con’s of Spencer Mecham’s Affiliate Secrets 3.0


  • Spencer is the cream the rises to the TOP, if you want learn Affiliate Marketing, then this is it.
  • Email marketing, funnels, and social media are all covered.
  • Excellent for those just starting out. You won’t find a better foundation for your business than Spencer’s.


  • The course is entirely self-paced, so if you lack motivation or easily distracted, you probably won’t complete.
  • It’s an expensive course, but you get what you pay for.
  • Tactics are more social media and paid ad driven. If you’re looking for SEO training, keep it moving.

My Opinion – Affiliate Secrets 3.0

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 is the real deal if you are serious about building an affiliate marketing business. You cannot go wrong learning the RIGHT way to build an affiliate marketing career from someone like Mecham. He is a ClickFunnels Dream Car contest winner and member of the “2 Comma Club”. AND, he is giving you everything you need to be as successful as you want. Whether you want to quit your 9-5 or earn some passive income alongside your day job, Spencer’s Affiliate Secrets 3.0 course will help you reach your goals. 

It’s said, “the proof is in the pudding” but in this case the proof is in the production. Mecham’s original Affiliate Secrets course has produced numerous Dream Car winners and spawned countless success stories from people just like you. They had the idea, started the training and are now crushing their goals in the affiliate marketing space. Are you next?

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