Where To Buy a Domain Name in 2020

Where To Buy Domain Names In 2020Updated on: Feb 8, 2020

Summary:Where to buy a domain name? There are plenty option on the internet offering domain names for sale.  Best But which one do you choose?


When venturing online, whether it be for business, hobbies or entertainment, the process of building a website can seem challenging. But before you begin that, you have to get a domain name for that site.

Do you know where to buy a domain name?

There are plenty option on the internet offering domain names for sale.  But which one do you choose – GoDaddy, Name Cheap, Host Gator. It can get confusing, because you can’t choose just any site. Not all sites have your best interest in mind.

namecheap vs godaddy


GoDaddy and NameCheap are the most widely known, so naturally they’re the most popular choices. Usually GoDaddy becomes the option for the majority of people, mainly because of the mass advertising and initial cheap domain costs. For the first year, you can purchase your domain name in most cases for as little as $0.99. Sign me up! No one can beat that right?


You should take into consideration what’s included in that initial price and the cost of renewal after that first year.


When you purchase your new domain name, you will get the included things::

  • Free email address with domain purchase
  • Free WHOIS guard for LIFE
  • Ability to transfer the DNS at time of purchase
  • No price increase when renewing

WHOIS guard is something you’re going really want to have when getting your domain name. It protects your private information (name, address, email) from being open to the public. The included email is pretty cool as well. If you’d like to transfer your domain name to your preferred hosting company, that can be done in no time.

I’ve bought plenty of domains from NameCheap and transfer them instantly to my hosting company. The change usually happens within a couple minutes for me.

When renewal time comes around, you won’t be surprised by any outrageous price. That’s because NameCheap doesn’t change your pricing. Whatever you’d paid initially is what you will pay year after year. Unlike GoDaddy, who tend to up-charge you after renewal.


GoDaddy may offer relatively cheap domain prices initially for the first year, but you will get hit with up-sells for things like privacy protection and email. All of which will end up costing you more money, and honestly you can get better..simpler service elsewhere if you’re going to pay more.

Plus if you plan on renewing your domain, you will be charged more, sometimes as much as $30+. I know this because it’s happen to me before (See image above). But I learned my lesson after that, which Is why I’m attempting to prevent this from happening to you. Also, GoDaddy’s interface in my opinion is not user-friendly, in addition to them always changing it..glitches run rampant.

I believe it could be a tactic to have the customer contact their support services, where they can “fix” the problem and attempt to up-sell you on something you don’t need.

Overall, I think the best place to buy a domain name is NameCheap. They’re straightforward and simple to navigate. Whenever someone asks, I always recommend them to purchase their domain from them as my first choice. Take a look at their Domain Prices.

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