Building Your Personal Brand In Network Marketing

Ready to build your personal brand? The Brand the Boss personal brand checklist will help direct your branding launch.

Be Yourself

We already discussed why the competition in the MLM space makes it extremely important that you bring something different to your business. But this is such an important tip that I felt the need to remind you again. Be yourself!  

Create media that will brand YOU. An important rule of thumb is to make sure all of your social media accounts and publishing platforms (YouTube, any podcasts, etc.) use your name and image. Also, make sure people are buying into you, not your products and definitely not your MLM. You might believe that tying yourself to your MLM is the way to go, but it’s not. The reality is that many people start off with one company and then move to another during their network marketing career. Making yourself (and not your company) the brand is a surefire way to cement you as a solid business-person, instead of “the girl who sells Herbalife, ItWorks, LulaRoe”, etc. If/when you decide to move onto other ventures, you don’t have to rebrand yourself.

Be The Expert

Simply put, people like confident people. But rest assured, this is not a situation where you need 7 years of experience as a marketer to be successful as an MLM newbie. Because you are building a personal brand, you are easily the expert of your story, your experiences and your transferable knowledge.

Here’s a quick tip on how to establish yourself as an expert. Start doing personal development. If you are in a health and wellness company, read/watch information from both inside and outside of the company that speaks to the benefits of shakes and supplements, fitness routines, eating styles, etc. If you want to be an expert for marketing and lead generation for network marketers, find others who are doing the same thing, follow them and read what they read (or produce) so you can begin teaching others what you know.  

Be Consistent

Believe it or not, one of the most common reasons some network marketers sell more products and get more recruits than others is because they maintain consistency over time. People are watching you in your business whether they tell you or not. They may never like or comment on a single thing you post, but they are watching. The more you show up, the more your audience will start taking you seriously and asking more about your business opportunity.

This is another reason why personal development is so important. It gives you an endless resource to share with your audience. While you may think everyone is reading that book or listening to that podcast, chances are they are not. Sharing your knowledge on certain topics is one way to establish yourself as someone your audience can look up to and trust over time to deliver quality, valuable content.

Become a True Marketer

Your job as a network marketer is to build the “know, like, trust (KTL)” factor with your audience. One of the many reasons we do not recommend our new recruits begin sending spammy direct messages to their contacts is because they haven’t built a personal brand to establish that KLT factor. Sure, your Facebook and Instagram page may be filled with family and people you went to high school with, but that doesn’t give you an instant credibility in your new business. If anything, you have to work harder to establish yourself as a true business person with those who have know you the longest (i.e. family and friends). That is why we don’t encourage our downline to take the lazy way out to rank quickly by signing up family and friends. We know that is not a sustainable business model and it doesn’t teach you how to become a true marketer.

Rather than randomly “friending” people who look nice online and hoping for the best, focus on building solid relationships where you provide value and serve your audience. Developing lead magnets is one of the best ways to do this. Some ideas for lead magnets include videos, PDFs, action guides, and downloadable checklists. Make sure your lead magnets include a way to capture email addresses from interested parties. If you aren’t sure how to do that, join our weekly newsletter where we offer you quick tips to build your business and go over tools to help you automate your business.

Be A Bridge

Success in network marketing is in the follow up. Once you start personal development plan and begin providing value to your audience, be sure follow up with them via email.

If you love Facebook like I do, then Messenger is a great way to follow up as well. In fact, it’s totally possible to build a list of leads and prospects directly in Facebook through Messenger! If that sounds exciting to you but you have no idea how to do it, click here for our video explaining how to use Messenger to build your downline (without bugging your family and friends).

Speaking of Facebook, “going live” is a great way to not only position yourself as an expert, but build your brand as well. As you move through your personal development everyday, share what you have learned on a quick 5 minute Facebook live. Don’t worry if no one joins you initially. Remember what we said about people watching for consistency? Doing Facebook lives is one way to give that to your audience.

Be a Storyteller, Not a Feature Seller

“My company has the best, all natural, 100% gluten free, superfood shake.”

“I’m so happy to be linked with a Fortune 500 company that doesn’t skimp on quality ingredients.”

“This product is the best, NASA tested, Navy Seal endorsed supplement on the market.”

What does each of those statements have in common? Not one person reads them and thinks, “man, I really have to know more. In fact, what they probably think is “it’s time for me to exercise my snooze button again.”

When building your brand, do not oversell your products or company. In fact, the best way to sell your company and your products is to story-tell. Instead of focusing on the features and benefits of the product outright, focus on that the product helped you personally and then tell that story. Remember, people are emotional buyers and your company or products, no matter how good they may be, are not what people buy into. They buy into YOU.

Give your audience a story that makes them “feel” something. Paint a genuine picture that plays to the emotions of your audience of what your products and services have done for your life and what it can do for theirs. This is a much more effective way to brand yourself.

And that’s it! This is your checklist for 6 personal branding tips in a nutshell. As always, the key to learning is implementation! So begin building your brand with these tips and let us know the results as they happen in your business!

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