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Secret MLM Hacks ReviewPublished on: Jan 1, 2019Last Updated: May 16, 2020

Summary:Secret MLM Hacks is digital marketing course aimed at teaching network marketers how to take a business model stuck in the 80s and bring it into the digital world.

What is Secret MLM Hacks?

The Secret MLM Hacks course is especially designed for any network marketer who is tired of hearing that all it takes to make money in the MLM space is for them to sign up 5 friends and get those 5 people to each sign up 5 of their friends, ad nauseam.

Secret MLM Hacks is digital marketing course aimed at teaching network marketers how to take a business model stuck in the 80s and bring it into the digital world. The course is the brainchild of Steve Larsen, former right-hand man to Russell Brunson of ClickFunnels. During his training, Larsen takes the old MLM model and applies fresh ideas from the world of internet marketing to prove that you can build a successful network marketing business without alienating your family and friends.

Perhaps the most intriguing thing about the program is that Larsen lets aspiring network marketers in on one of the biggest secrets in the MLM industry. It’s the secret no one wants to talk about.

The secret is?

It’s that the top recruiters in MLM; the ones who win awards and take home honors like “top recruiter of the year”; the ones raking in multiple six figure incomes; they are all doing one thing they aren’t telling their downlines. That thing is…what Steve’s course is all about.

In Secret MLM Hacks, Larsen uncovers the ways top recruiters in the industry are really making their money and he gives a step-by-step blueprint for how you can take these same strategies to finally build a truly passive income stream through a home-based business.

If you’ve ever started a network marketing business because you liked a product and believed in the company, only to realize that the business model is broken, then this course is for you. Steve takes the old way of doing business in MLM and flips it on its head. He preaches against supposedly “tried and true” tactics like:

  • Making a list of your “closet” 30 friends;
  • Building out a list of 100 people in your “warm market”;
  • Surprise 3-Way calls;
  • “Hey buddy” cold messages to people you haven’t talked to since high school;

And more!

Larsen has one goal with his course and that is transform the MLM industry by leaving the scammy tactics in the past and applying the best digital marketing strategies available in the market today.

Who is Steve Larsen and Why Should I Listen to Him?

steve larsen in group

Well, in short. Steve Larsen is a certified boss!

He not only came into the direct sales space with an agenda to elevate the MLM market, but he did so with tons of success under his belt.

If you are familiar ClickFunnels, the “little” software company that’s changing the games in internet marketing, then you have probably heard of Steve Larsen. Before Secret MLM Hacks, his claim to fame was being the right-hand man to Russell Brunson and the top sales funnel builder at ClickFunnels.

During his time working directly with Brunson and team at ClickFunnels, Steve built more than 500 sales funnels for companies in various industries (including those in the MLM space). His contribution and role at ClickFunnels helped take the company from almost nothing to a $100 million in just a few short years.

If you Google “Steve Larsen”, you will find that he is active in more than just the MLM space. He is associated with ClickFunnels “Affiliate Boot Camp” and is a lead coach for their “Two Comma Club” high ticket coaching program that teaches internet marketers how to achieve their first $1 million in sales. In addition to his coaching responsibilities and affiliation with ClickFunnels side projects, Steve hosts two very popular podcasts (Sales Funnel Radio & Secret MLM Hacks Radio) and is a frequent guest speaker at internet marketing conferences around the country.

What gives him ultimate credibility in the MLM space is he began working on his business while juggling all those responsibilities mentioned above. Larsen has literally practiced what he preaches and built his business from the ground up while working his full-time career. That is something most network marketers can relate to.

Steve takes everything he’s learned at ClickFunnels and turned it into a system to revolutionize the network marketing industry in Secret MLM Hacks. His strategies include information on how to automate the recruiting process and how to educate your downline for real success that can be duplicated using his training system. The proof is in the pudding. Through his Secret MLM Hacks system, Steve has at least 1-2 new associates asking to join his downline DAILY.

Oh, and another thing: You know that gig at ClickFunnels that Steve Larsen had when he first started his MLM business? He took the leap and QUIT. He was so passionate about the potential for success in MLM that he decided to build is own empire through network marketing. At the time of his departure, he had a growing family (pregnant wife and a few kids at home already). He made the ultimate commitment to build his business and teach others how to do exactly the same thing.

His approach to MLM is so good that some of the most successful network marketing company owners have sought him out because they want HIS system exclusively for their company. As much as he could make selling the rights for his system to one network marketing company, he’s decided to keep this course available for anyone who has the drive to build an MLM business using digital marketing techniques.

Also, his course isn’t a thinly veiled attempt to grow his downline. It’s meant for anyone from any company to use. Steve Larsen never mentions the MLM he’s a pat of and never will. His goal is to teach others how to build their downline without being directly associated in his personal network. Again, his goal for Secret MLM Hacks is to revolutionize the network marketing industry one person at a time.

My disclaimer:

I’ve been following ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson, and Steve Larsen since 2017. I am not affiliated with or a part of Steve’s personal downline but I do recommend this course. It has worked for us without being personally linked to his downline. The sole purpose of this article is to review Secret MLM Hacks.

Who is Secret MLM Hacks for?

average mlmer recruits

If you are currently a part of an MLM and are looking to build an active downline, then this course is for you.

Also, if you have considered doing network marketing but decided against it because you like the (pitch-free) relationship you have with your family, friends, coworkers, etc., then this is for you too.

One of the main reasons this course works for anyone, regardless of their MLM is because of the internet marketing strategies it teaches. Those strategies can be duplicated so anyone you recruit can experience the same level of success (or more) provided they remain a student of the techniques that Steven teaches.

With Secret MLM Hacks, Steve Larsen has combined the knowledge he’s gained working directly with ClickFunnels and building is own business on the side, packaged it up and provided a step-by-step training for network marketers. His theory is the same business tactics that work for non-MLM businesses will work for MLM businesses as well.  

The problem is network marketers are still practicing the same outdated recruiting methods that have given the industry a bad name. Larsen’s system delivers an actionable blueprint to building a successful MLM business that doesn’t cause you embarrassment among your family, friends and social circle.

Why I Chose Secret MLM Hacks

I’ll be honest — I wasn’t sure if this course was for me when I first discovered it.

It’s true that I had always wondered what it would take to build an MLM business without doing the whole “make a list of your closest 100 friends” song and dance.

I had been there, done that. Back in the early 2000s, I had gotten caught up in a craze of a network marketing company. I was a college student and, like all 20 somethings, risk-taking wasn’t that big a deal. So I joined.

This company had swept our campus like a virus and suddenly everyone and their sorority sister had signed up or known someone who signed up.

Me included.

The problem was that I didn’t know anything about anything back then. I had no idea how what marketing was. Being a part of this new business opportunity convinced me to add a marketing class to my spring semester classes. So I did.

I learned two things very quickly from that experience.

  1. What you need to learn in business CANNOT be learned in a lecture style setting.
  2. The traditional way of building an MLM business was NOT for me.

Sure, the comp plan was awesome and all I had to do was sign up 3 people, train them to sign up 3 people, and on and on and on. (Sound familiar?)

I made a list of a few people I just KNEW would see things my way and join after hearing the same presentation I had.

Guess what?

They didn’t.

I didn’t take it personal but it did make conversations awkward for a while. I was ALL IN! I was 100% sure this would work. I had no idea why my parents thought I was being foolish, my friends were laughing at me and my boss asked me to stop talking to my colleagues about my “great new opportunity” (true story).

After my love hangover with the industry started to wear off, I decided that I would never get involved in another “great opportunity to make RESIDUAL income with minimal effort” aka MLM again.

Another valuable thing that experience taught me was my penchant for sales. I was a pretty decent salesperson. I wasn’t afraid of cold calls, liked designing and executing presentations, and could build rapport with the best of them. I took that knowledge and ran with it first in the nonprofit space and then in the corporate world.

What Secrets Can You Really Learn With This Course?

You might be wondering – if I was so resigned to never join another MLM again, how did I end up here?

Long story short, someone I trust and respect someone that told me they were building an MLM business on the side and this time I was the friend who laughed and pointed.

But I watched as well.

I watched as she didn’t do a SINGLE Facebook post broadcasting this great new product she wanted to share with everyone. She didn’t do one advertisement about joining her accountability group or anything that traditional network marketers are doing these days.

I asked her how she was building her business if she wasn’t harassing her personal contacts with dreaded 3-way calls or her spamming her contact list on social media.

She told me about Secret MLM Hacks and the rest is history.

Now, I had the blueprint on how to build a thriving MLM business without all that funny stuff. No chasing down family and friends, DMing friends of friends asking generic questions on social media and best of all, no awkward “surprise” 3 way calls!   

I have been able to build my business online – WITHOUT my friends and family knowing that I’m one of “those people”. If the idea of MLM intrigues you, but don’t want to be one of “those people” burning through their contacts trying to build a legitimate business, then Secret MLM Hacks is for you.

Not in MLM? Secret MLM Hacks Will Still Work for You!

How could this work for someone who is not in an MLM? The training Steve Larsen makes available in his Secret MLM Hacks course can be applied across any industry. Because he focuses on internet marketing and brand building as the key components in his training, he’s made a course that is valuable for internet marketers, beginning affiliate marketers as well as network marketers.

If you are in the market to learn about digital marketing from a master, Steve Larsen is your guy and this course is for you as well.

I could go over all the juicy details here but this blog is already long enough (I know you were thinking it too : )

Or I could share the link for you to actually watch Steve Larsen put his Secret MLM Hacks training to action.

You can register for the free webclass here.

A few key points he goes over include:

  • Why traditional MLM tactics do NOT work;
  • How top-earners in the industry REALLY make money;
  • The myth of duplication every MLM pushes;
  • How to position yourself with marketing for maximum product sales and personal recruits;

And so much more!

Again, it’s worth your time to commit to watching this webinar. It’s free and Steve provides a ton of value upfront.

Be prepared though. Steve comes ready to deliver! In the process, you’ll get a sneak peak into what’s offered in his Secret MLM Hacks course. The choice is yours on whether you will become an MLM Maverick or stick to the same way of doing things. Because Larsen gives so much value, you could the tactics he shares in the webinar and immediately put those to use. However, if you’re ready to go to the next level and truly make your MLM business legit, it’s time for Secret MLM Hacks.

What You Get When You Sign Up For The Secret MLM Hacks Course?

In short? You’re going to get a LOT when you sign up for Steve’s training. Here’s a bit of an overview on what to expect.

In the 5 Week Secret MLM Hacks Masterclass, you get a step-by-step system to revolutionize your MLM business that includes the following modules:

  • Module 1 – How To Get Paid To Prospect
  • Module 2 – How To Auto-Close
  • Module 3 – How To Manage Your Downline
  • Module 4 – How To Market and Publish for Maximum Success
  • Module 5 – How To Automate Product Sales

secret mlm hacks workbook

(Modules are valued at $1997)

Another valuable addition is the Secret MLM Hacks Workbook, an 80 page interactive guide designed to explain exactly how to take your recruiting process from broken to booming (and on autopilot).

(The workbook is valued at $497)

Perhaps the biggest value-add is the inclusion of pre-built recruiting and sales funnel templates. This is money! Because Steve spent years as the Lead Funnel Builder for ClickFunnels, his funnels are quality!

To this day, big-name companies (some of which you know very well) have paid a top dollar for him to create their sales funnels. This takes the guesswork out of funnel building for you and lets you focus on what you do best.

A few of the funnels included are:

  • Auto Recruiting Funnel Template
  • Multiple Product Sales Funnel Templates
  • Publishing Funnel Template
  • Downline Members Area Template

(The pre-built funnels are valued at $4497)

pre built mlm recruiting funnels

FYI – ClickFunnels is what Steve Larsen uses to build out his pre-made funnels. While you do not need a ClickFunnels account to execute on the strategies taught in the training, you DO need ClickFunnels if you want access to the pre-built funnels/templates included in this training.

ClickFunnels is a great resource, but it is not a free one. However, you can take advantage of a FREE two-week trial HERE.

A recent addition to his Secret MLM Hacks course is the MLM Masters Pack. This is a pre-recorded 5 part video series that Steve personally uses to generate leads and recruits for his MLM business. This is a bonus resource and you can customize it as you see fit for your MLM business. Video topics include:

  • Overview of downloadable and ready-to-use Paid-Prospecting tools
  • Ways to pre-qualify prospects before you EVER speak to them directly
  • How to get people asking YOU to join your downline.

(Video series is valued at $1995)

MLM Maverick Maker… This is the secret sauce that teaches you how to build your brand. Steve teaches you how to get out of the “red ocean” and establish yourself as the go-to person for your MLM. That’s right. He takes the focus off the product and puts it on YOU. The product is NOT what sells. People buy into who you are and the more you can establish a message that is NOT the same as everyone else in your company, the more you will become an MLM Maverick (not to mention the person people seek out to learn more about your MLM).  

This part of the training teaches you how to MARKET and stop SELLING. Marketing is what  attracts people to you. Sales is what you do once they get there. You need more marketing and a heck of a lot less “sales” in the MLM space. In his training, Steve teaches marketing tactics that work including:

  • How To Out-Sell Your Upline
  • How To Out-Market Your Upline
  • Online and Offline MLM Marketing Formulas

(MLM Maverick Maker is valued at $1697)

Secret MLM Hacks Facebook Training

secret mlm hacks facebook group

You still with me? If so, you’re going to LOVE this. Facebook ads is one of the best ways internet marketers have found to advertise their business. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as some make it seem. That’s why Steve brought on one of the top experts to manage his Facebook marketing. In true Steve fashion, he’s bringing what he’s learned working with this expert and sharing it with you — by way of her teaching. His Facebook expert gives you the real deal about running ads for network marketing including:

  • Which Ads Work, Which Ones Never Will
  • How To Develop An Ideal Customer (hint, this is KEY to your success in every way)
  • The RIGHT Way To Launch Your Facebook Ad

If this sounds too good to be true, listen up! Zucker Cider MAY only be around in the training for a limited time. If you want to manage your business with Facebook Ads, take advantage NOW.

(Zucker Cider Facebook Training is valued at $3997)

Secret MLM Hacks also includes a group Q&A on Fridays so you have direct access to ask Steve anything about how to best grow your MLM business.

I know what you’re thinking so let me say this. You do NOT have to be a GURU to do this. You just have to be willing to learn, implement, learn some more, implement some more and so on. The way you build an amazing MLM business is one day at a time.

secret mlm hacks price

My Opinion – Secret MLM Hacks

If you’re new to network marketing and you want to do it right or a professional network marketer looking to expand your tactics in the business, then this course is for you. Secret MLM Hacks is how Steve Larsen plans to transform the MLM industry and you can be a part of it.

His commitment to sharing insider secrets to help struggling MLMers take control of their business shines through his Secret MLM Hacks course. This unique system is a one-of-a-kind business training that no one else is offering. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and build a real business through the network marketing industry model, this webinar and course is for you.

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