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ClickFunnels Discount 2021: Save Up To 40%



ClickFunnels is one of the largest sales funnel building platforms for people who are looking to take their sales process to the next level. They provide powerful tools to build the most effective funnels for your businesses automation and growth.

It's no wonder why people are looking for deals and discounts for ClickFunnels. Can you blame them?

In this article I explore the most current ClickFunnels discounts and break down their pricing plans to help you decide which is the best option to choose.

ClickFunnels Overview

Product Name: ClickFunnels
Vendor: Etison, LLC
Free Trial: Yes - See Here
Bonus + Discount: Yes - Get Your Bonuses Here
Price: $97-297
Niche: Business Software
Training: Yes
Refund: Yes30 Days
Do I Recommend: Yes

clickfunnels free trial

ClickFunnels Pricing

ClickFunnels offers a 14-day free trial with no credit card information required. You can do quite a bit during those two weeks if you put in the time and effort to use all of its features to build your funnels.

If you use your 14-day free trial to the fullest, I’m sure you’ll realize the value also. Then you can sign up and use it for a few months to see how your new custom sales funnels perform with your audience. At that point you can start to see how ClickFunnels pays for itself!

ClickFunnels has three main pricing plans:



ClickFunnels Platinum

2 Comma Club X





# Of Funnels




# Of Pages




# Of Visitors




Custom Domains




Billing Integrations

3 type per

9 type per

27 type per

# Of Users




Standard ClickFunnels Plan - $97

This plan is perfect for those that are just starting out their funnel building. This plan has a limit of 20 funnels, 100 total pages, 40,000 visitors per month and 3 custom domains. This is typically fine for most people. You also get access to the funnel hackers forum.

Here are the features in the Starter plan – $97 per month:

  • Ability to Share Funnels
  • 20 Funnel Build Limit
  • 100 Sales Funnel Page Limit
  • 1 user (no team member)
  • Unlimited Leads/Contacts
  • 3 Custom Domains
  • 3 Payment Gateways
  • No follow up funnels (formally Actionetics)
  • Chat support (Standard Priority)
  • Funnel Hacker Forum
  • FunnelFlix (limited access)
  • Full Integrations
  • Funnel templates
  • Auto Webinar Funnels
  • Membership Funnels

ClickFunnels Platinum - $297

You get everything mentioned above but unlimited. The main difference between the standard plan and the ClickFunnels Platinum suite is the number of Sales funnels, Follow-Up Funnels (email autoresponder), Backpack (affiliate program) and Landing pages allocated each month. 

The Platinum plan features – $297 per month:

  • All Standard plan features
  • Unlimited Sales Funnels
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Unique Visitors
  • Unlimited Leads/Contact
  • Access to Follow-Up Funnels
  • Access to BackPack (affiliate center)
  • 9 Payment Gateways
  • 9 Custom Domains
  • Priority Chat Support
  • FunnelFlix (Unlimited access)

ClickFunnels Two Comma Club X - $2,497

You're getting everything mentioned in the above plans. The main differences are that you are getting the VIP treatment and a ton of additional training. Also the main goal of this plan is to help you achieve the 2 Comma Club Award, which means you've successfully done 1 million dollars in transactions using ClickFunnels sales pages.

The 2 Comma Club X features – $2,497 per month (Must Apply):

  • All Platinum plan features
  • Unlimited Sales Funnels
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Unique Visitors
  • Unlimited Leads/Contact
  • Access to Follow-Up Funnels
  • Access to BackPack (affiliate center)
  • 27 Payment Gateways
  • 27 Custom Domains
  • VIP Chat Support
  • FunnelFlix (Unlimited access)

How to get a clickFunnels discount?

In order to take advantage of the ClickFunnels discount, you'll need to sign up for the Secrets Masterclass Workshop.

The ClickFunnels Secrets Masterclass is a training put together by Russell Brunson, showing you the exact blueprint of what the top 1% of ClickFunnels users are doing that the other 99% aren't. These top users have been able to generate over $1 million in sales and this masterclass teaches you how to replicate it in your own business.

How much is the clickFunnels discount?

The Secrets Masterclass training is FREE.

In order to get ClickFunnels at a discounted price, you have to go through the masterclass itself. Once you've learned the secrets, then you'll be given access to the Secrets Masterclass Package.

This is the ClickFunnels Discount!

clickfunnels discount secrets masterclass

You'll get 6 months access to the ClickFunnels Platinum Plan with additional training and bonuses for a discounted price of $997.

Typically, a 6-month membership to the Platinum Plan would be $1,782. That doesn't even include the One Funnel Away Challenge that's included.

So you're getting a massive discount and additional bonuses as well...

And if you've been around the ClickFunnels community long enough, then you know they love their bonuses!

Discounted Bonuses - The Secrets Masterclass

  • One Funnel Away Challenge - A 30-day step by step training teaching you how to build a successful sales funnel. By itself, it's $100 but included Free in this deal. Check it out here
  • Virtual Daily Funnel Hack-A-Thon's - Exclusive to Platinum members, if you want to learn how to build specific funnels, then this is the training you need. This training is conducted live every Monday-Friday at 9 am.
  • 10X Secrets Mastery Program - Learn the amazing selling secrets of the world's #1 highest paid speaker. Get the scripts and strategies Russell used to close $3.2 million in 90 mins at the 2018 10X Growth Conference hosted by Grant Cardone.
  • Traffic Secrets/Ad Skills - Learn a variety of traffic methods to apply to your funnels.

Who is the Secrets Masterclass Discount for?

  • Mid to Large Business Owners - I referred this program to someone who owns a national billboard/sign company, because it gives them the needed amount of funnels and pages to completely expand their reach. They've been getting excellent results. Check out the masterclass
  • Marketing Team Training - Unlimited access to FunnelFlix comes with the discounted plan. With that access comes all the video training and much more. No need to hire expensive coaches or outsource training to a 3rd party.  
  • Anyone who wants to master funnels - Become an expert funnel hacker by learning the art of building sales funnels that convert. Get the most bang for your buck with this plan.
  • Existing Users - Maybe you started out with the standard plan, but now want to upgrade. Save money by getting the Secrets Masterclass discount.

How Long will this discount last?

No one knows with any certainty on how long this discount will last, except for ClickFunnels. They make changes at anytime, which they often do. But for the moment, this discount will give you the best bang for your buck.

If you are considering taking advantage of this discount, then don't delay. 

Additional Discount Options

The Secrets Masterclass Package is the primary ClickFunnels discount, because it makes the most sense from a buyer's view, but it isn't the only discount.

  • Funnel Builder Secrets
  • ClickFunnels Free Trial

Funnel Builder Secrets Discount

Funnel Builder Secrets is another awesome discount from ClickFunnels because it gives you two options to choose from, but it also gives you many additional tools and trainings!

Also included in this discount is the Traffic Secrets Membership, which gives you the opportunity to learn all the latest methods to getting high-quality traffic to your offers that convert.

funnel builder secrets - clickfunnels discount

ClickFunnels Free Trial

Take a test-drive of ClickFunnels today for FREE!

I'm sure once you do you'll realize that this is the sales funnel builder you've been missing.

And if for some reason you decide later that ClickFunnels isn't for you, then you can cancel your account without any worry of penalty fees.

Once you start your Free ClickFunnels Trial, not only are you getting the top rated sales funnel builder, but you'll also get access to a variety of training and bonuses.

clickfunnels free trial

ClickFunnels Discount FAQ

How Can I Get ClickFunnels Cheaper?

Sign up for the Secrets Masterclass Workshop. It costs $997 for 6 months.

The ClickFunnels Secrets Masterclass is a training put together by Russell Brunson, showing you the exact blueprint of what the top 1% of ClickFunnels users are doing that the other 99% aren't. 

Is there a Free Version of ClickFunnels?

Yes! You can try ClickFunnels for Free with there 14 Day Trial.

Once you start your Free ClickFunnels Trial, not only are you getting the top rated sales funnel builder, but you'll also get access to a variety of training and bonuses.

Is ClickFunnels Worth the money

At first glance, ClickFunnels may seem expensive. But if you're using it for your business or promoting it as an affiliate, ClickFunnels provides everything necessary to earn your money back and more.

Can you really make money with ClickFunnels?

Yes, you can make money with ClickFunnels. As long as you are willing to put in the work as an affiliate or successfully build sales funnels in your business. You will be able to make money.

Final Thoughts

I've been using ClickFunnels for almost 2 years and I'm very familiar with it. If there are any discount updates, I'll be sure to let you know. Hopefully this ClickFunnels discount review was able to help you save some money or at the very least clarify any concerns you may have had.

After getting your discount, be sure to focus on the training and apply what you learn to build a successful funnel for your business. 

My ClickFunnels Bonuses

Interested in taking that FREE 14-day ClickFunnels trial?

Why not get some extra help to start your ClickFunnels journey with these exclusive ClickFunnels Bonuses.

clickfunnels bonuses

Here is what you will get from me:

  • Unlimited Email/FB Chat Support 
  • Ultimate List of Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs
  • Million Dollar Ad Swipe Library –  Get the exact Facebook ads that 40 of the top internet entrepreneurs are running right now to help craft your own ads.
  • ClickFunnels Training – Don't get stuck learning ClickFunnels through trial and error. Learn the In's and Out's with this Power Course + Additional Trainings.
  • ClickFunnels Master Pack - prebuilt for multiple industries and includes pages for various ClickFunnels affiliate promotions.
  • DFY Profile Page - Profile Page is for optimizing your social media traffic, whether you're a blogger, an artist or run a content platform. 
  • Friend Connector - If you don't have enough time to send a friend request manually, then this is the right extension to use.

By grabbing my bonuses, you will save yourself so much time and provide a ton of extra value with a minimal amount of effort on your part.

*To receive your bonuses, email [email protected] - Subject: "CF Bonuses" after your Free Trial is complete.

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