Marketing Boost Review For 2023 | Free Vacation Incentives?

What Is Marketing Boost?

Even in 2023, bonuses continue to be a significant factor that consumers take into consideration. It makes no difference what you sell…but you have to know how to put them to good use! This is where Marketing Boost comes into play.

According to AnnexCloud“65% of consumers say that receiving rewards impacts their frequency of purchase.”

Consider the most recent time you went shopping for anything you needed. You most certainly did some research on it before making your purchase.

And as a part of your study, you looked into seeing if there were any discounts, special offers, or incentives available, correct?

People, after all, have an innate desire to be shown the same courtesy as a famous celebrity. And even more than that, they enjoy it when they get a fantastic offer together with a wonderful added bonus.

Your goods and services will become irresistible to potential customers when they can imagine themselves lounging on a beach while the sun warms their skin, gazing at the horizon of Miami Beach, or dining on authentic Italian cuisine on someone else’s tab.

When you sign up with Marketing Boost, you get the ability to give away three things:

  1. Destination resort vacations of the highest caliber.
  2. Hundreds of dollars in hotel and travel gift cards that can be used at over 400,000 places worldwide to help your customers save money on their trip expenses.
  3. Dining and retail discounts of hundreds of dollars available to US residents.

Marketing Boost allows you to give away HIGH-VALUE incentives, regardless of the business you are in!

See exactly how its works…

Complete Marketing Boost review chart

vacations marketing boost

Vacation stays at luxury hotels

Luxury hotel stays for vacation (travel, taxes and resort fees not included). Look at all the various destinations you can visit or use as incentives for your clients or leads.


Hotel and travel gift cards

Gift cards for hotels and travel. Provide your leads with hundreds of dollars worth of travel gift cards that they can use to save money on over 400,000 hotels and other travel-related purchases.


plate of food

Restaurant incentives

Incentive programs for restaurants. Incentives for dining out might range from $100 to $200. These types of incentives can help your clients and prospects save a lot of money at local restaurants and select retailers.

Will You See Success Using Marketing Boost?

Marketing Boost is suitable to ANY market; the only restriction is the imagination of those using it.

Check out these testimonials and this list of industries where it has been demonstrated to be profitable.It used to be the case that only the largest firms in the world, such as Amazon, Starbucks, McDonald’s, and others, had access to incentive-based marketing, which allowed them to utterly dominate their competition.

But today, thanks to Marketing Boost, they are more accessible and more reasonably priced for any company that wants to adopt their program.

From this point forward, you should compete based on the value you provide to customers rather than the price you charge.

Are Travel Incentives Still Effective?

A Higher Level Of Satisfaction For Our Customers

I’ve yet to see a potential customer who isn’t delighted when you give them a free vacation. They’ll be glad to do business with you again in the future because they had an awesome experience. It’s also exciting for the their loved ones as well!

Competitors’ Edge

If you and I were competing for the same business, but you were offering the client a free vacation, which one would they choose? Because everyone enjoys a vacation, they’ll always go with you.

No More Price Competing

If you use Marketing Boost, you don’t have to cut the price of your product or service to attract consumers to choose it. When someone asks, “Is that the best you can do?,” you can respond with a free but extremely valuable bonus.

Earn Customer Referrals

The world’s most successful companies all have ‘loyal fans,’ who spread the word about them to their friends and family. The more you reward your customers, the more likely they are to tell their friends and relatives about your business.

Marketing Boost Tools

There are also great resources available to assist you promote your business with Marketing Boost. These high-converting landing pages and video advertising show the benefits of a free trip in an attractive way. These marketing tools can be tailored to your specific requirements in order to aid in the development of your personal brand.

More than 500 video ads are available for use on your website and social media pages to persuade your followers to take advantage of your deals and discounts.. You can easily utilize Marketing Boost with your existing marketing funnels because it interfaces with several popular marketing platforms including Clickfunnels, Zapier, Builderall, and more.

Tips to Make Use of Marketing Boost

Marketing Boost can be applied in an almost infinite number of ways because it relies on providing customers with extremely desired incentives. Businesses in a wide range of industries have taken advantage of this method to generate more leads and strengthen their client relationships.

A few of the sectors that make use of Marketing Boost are:

  • Nonprofits and Charities
  • Spas and Salons
  • Fitness
  • Entertainment and Event Planning
  • Home Security
  • Pets
  • Insurance
  • Home Improvement and Repairs
  • Medical Professionals
  • Online Marketing
  • Real Estate

If you’re looking for ways to entice customers, here are just a few ideas. Bonuses and gifts of vacations, restaurants, and entertainment can be provided to clients as a means of thanking them for their business.

Marketing Boost can be used to advertise both online and brick-and-mortar businesses. It is possible to create incentive-based products and packages if you provide services such as search engine optimization (SEO), web design, or coaching. It’s possible to give a vacation package as an incentive to upgrade to a higher level of coaching or training, for example.

Network and multilevel marketing companies can also use vouchers to recognize their top talent. These incentives can also be used by affiliate marketers. In addition to the things you’re selling, you can offer your customers vacation and leisure tickets to entice them into signing up with you. If you’re an affiliate for high-ticket things like memberships or information packages, this is very helpful.

Training & Resources

Marketing Boost provides you with powerful incentives that might help you attract more leads and consumers. Landing pages and videos are other useful promotional tools provided by these companies. To get the most out of these deals, you’ll need a solid marketing plan, just as you would with any other kind of promotion. Access to essential training is also included when you join Marketing Boost.

When you join Marketing Boost, you gain access to a Facebook group with more than 28,000 active members who share their best practices and advice.

As an added bonus, you’ll receive Ultimate Facebook Secrets, a course that divulges the marketing strategy utilized by BookVIP, a travel service, to garner more than 3 million fans and create over $200 million in revenue. Make your offers even more effective by using these methods to learn how to run high-converting Facebook advertising.

Marketing Boost’s Frequently Asked Questions

Marketing Boost is such a great opportunity for business owners and entrepreneurs that it almost sounds to good to be true. To fully clarify a few things, here are some common questions. If you’d like to learn more about the details, check out this FAQ.

Who pays for the incentives?

Marketing Boost has partnered with destination hotels all over the world to help them fill their excess capacity.

This incentive program is truly a win-win-win!

Where Do I Learn How To Use Incentives?

Learning how to implement most of all of the available incentives is a key concern for many business owners. There are monthly webinars and free access to Facebook, YouTube and Instagram ad training at Marketing Boost.

How do I actually give incentives away?

You may give them free online, offline, or in any combination provided by Marketing Boost.

For those who prefer to print their certificates, they offer tangible certificates, as well as free landing pages in all of the major software platforms.

The only thing they don’t offer is an email service to deliver them.

How Much Does It Cost?

This is the element in Marketing Boost that really gets under my skin. Why is this so?The initial monthly fee for Marketing Boost was an eye-popping $37.At that time, they simply offered the vacation stays…no dining incentives or travel gift cards. And they also offered an unlimited 7-day free trial.Later in 2018, when gift cards were included, the price was raised to $49 per month, with a free trial period lasting 14 days.

So many individuals exploited the 14 day trial, they did away with it shortly thereafter. You no longer have the option of paying monthly; your only alternatives are to pay a yearly charge or to divide the annual fee into three equal monthly installments.

In December 2019, they increased costs significantly, established additional tiers and started giving a limited 7-day trial. The monthly payments also returned.In order to avoid having to go back and amend this post if the prices have changed, I won’t list them here. You can find the most recent (and cheapest) pricing here.

Regardless of the price, Marketing Boost will quickly pay for itself if used effectively.

Is Marketing Boost a Scam?

As stated earlier, if you’d like to learn more about the details, check out the Marketing Boost FAQ. It will answer 99% of the question you will have. But here are some related questions and answers.

Q: Do my consumers have to attend a timeshare presentation to benefit from vacation incentives provided by Marketing Boost?

Your client will never be forced to attend a sales or timeshare pitch.

Your clients will be offered additional incentives and perks when they redeem their vacation stay. They will typically save your client between $500 and $1500, and if they opt to take advantage of the discounts, they will be obliged to attend a timeshare presentation.

Your client, on the other hand, will NEVER be forced to upgrade; they will only be presented the option and will not be obligated to accept it.

Q: Are there any extra charges for my clients?

Recipients of these incentives will receive a free premium hotel room. This is worth up to $250 a night in the United States and up to $350 per night in many other countries.

All other expenditures, including but not limited to travel, transfers, food and beverages, gratuities, resort fees (where applicable), and any other personal or miscellaneous expenses, are the responsibility of the recipient.

Here are examples of resort fees for destinations in the Marketing Boost/BookVIP system:

  • Las Vegas: from $16.00 to $38.00 per night
  • Orlando: from $5.00 to $12.00 per night
  • Mexico: from $10.00 to $14.00 per night

Q: What are the taxes and fees for the travel incentives, and what are they based on?

In addition to the resort fees, travelers must pay any applicable taxes. The typical cost is around $20 USD per night.

In the event that you have more questions, they will likely be resolved here. Customer service is available via chat on the website for those who cannot find an answer to their questions in the FAQ.

What Is the Difference Between This and Advertising Boost?

It was around the beginning of 2018 when Advertising Bait, the company that would become Marketing Boost, began offering vacation incentives to the general public.

Many people complained that the word “bait” in the company’s name had a bad connotation when they were well-known and had tens of thousands of users.

That’s why the name was changed to Advertising Boost in late 2018.

With new items (dining incentives and travel gift cards in addition to vacation stays) and more members, they’ve determined the name Marketing Boost better reflects the direction of the company and its competitive edge.

That explains why the same entity has gone under so many different names.

Marketing Boost Summary & Recommendation

Any sort of business can benefit from Marketing Boost, a strong marketing tool. Instead of a replacement for more traditional marketing methods, it’s a supplement that can be used in conjunction with those methods.

Marketing Boost services can be used regardless of the promotional methods you presently use, such as blogging, social media, email marketing, paid ads, videos, or anything else.In order to give their followers, prospects, and customers high-value incentives, Marketing Boost is a worthwhile investment. Before making a purchase, you can ask questions in the members-only Facebook group.

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