Network Marketing Success: Tips For Massive Growth

You’re here because you are a rebel in search of network marketing success. You joined a network marketing company and you’re determined to be successful with it. First, congratulations on your decision to make it work. Second, you can absolutely make money and be successful as a network marketer. And finally, you just need the right tools.mlm success tips

About 10 years ago when I did network marketing, I grew my income to almost $5000 per month. That’s not the 6-figure income promise my up-line dangled in front of me when I joined, but I was happy with my efforts. And why wouldn’t I be? I had figured out a way to generate my leads on autopilot and was making residual income as a result. 

You heard that right. Instead of chasing down friends and family to get my business off the ground, I focused on building my business with …well, real business tools. 

As an introvert, the thought of hunting down long-since-forgotten high school friends to pitch them on my business was absolutely terrifying. And while my family and close friends have always supported me, it was totally unreasonable for me to try to build a team on the back of their support. So I decided to do something very different in the network marketing space. 

I suspect you’re also here because, like me, you want to do something different. You want to find new customers and grow your downline without burning bridges with your friends and family. You’re not alone. I’ve spoken with dozens of new network marketers just starting out and desperately trying to ramp up their business. They are frustrated because while their up-line means well, most of them have no idea how to build a network marketing business without burning through their family and friends. They are still holding onto the old way of doing business when it’s clear that there’s a much better way. 

So what’s the best way to find success in network marketing? 

Creating an actual marketing campaign with the goal of getting inbound leads instead of chasing down friends and family. That’s it. 

I found success with my network marketing business but I had to figure out how to build it on my own. But, you don’t have to. Instead of wasting time piecing together a marketing strategy to grow your business, simply keep reading and use my tips to build your business faster. 

If I could start my network marketing business over with the knowledge I know have, here’s how I’d do it.  

Get your mind right

The most common reason people aren’t successful in networking marketing is because they don’t take it seriously. If you treat your network marketing business like a real business, it will function and PAY YOU like a real business. If you treat it like a hobby, it will pay you like one too. 

The hype around network marketing opportunities is what leads many people to think they can make a full-time income with a part-time effort. That sounds good, but it’s not true.  

If you start your business with the understanding that you will have to put in a lot of upfront work to make it run smoothly later (with much less effort), you will have a significant leg up on your competition. 

I used to imagine myself quitting my job and working full-time in my business. Eventually I got there, but it took serious effort. The type of effort that’s not sexy and doesn’t sell. But, I’m okay blowing the lid off the work it takes to achieve success in this industry. I want you to be successful in network marketing so I’m giving you the truth of what it will take to get there.  

In addition to taking my business seriously, I invested in ongoing personal development. In fact, that was a big contributor to my growth and success as a network marketer. Being an entrepreneur is hard. It’s even harder when people don’t understand what you’re doing or worse; they do understand but have a negative view of it because of their own personal bias.

Once I checked my attitude and decided to take the business seriously, I made the decision to invest in myself with audiobooks, industry related courses and coaching, and other tools to help me achieve network marketing success. 

Use Social Media to Build Your Downline

It’s safe to say that most of us spend a decent amount of time on social media. Whether its Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest or others, most of us have some experience on those platforms. That’s why it’s a smart move to promote your business using social media. If you’re already using it and you know millions of others are too, why not incorporate your network marketing business into your social media profile? 

While that sounds good, let’s keep it real. We’ve all opened our Instagram app, scrolled and come across a few people using social media to promote their business and …we hate it. We literally hate to see it. But, every once in a while we do come across someone using social media in their business so successfully that we can’t help but wonder, “how can I do it like that?” 

Those people are using the tactic I like to call “scroll stoppers”. Scroll stoppers are those posts that make you stop scrolling (literally) and take notice of what’s being said. Follow a few of these content creators and you’ll get good ideas on how to structure your page and create posts that cause your audience to stop, take notice and buy your products or services. That’s my first tip to using social media for your business. 

My second tip is to publish, publish, publish. Create and publish content on a regular schedule. But, do it in a way that isn’t annoying or spammy. Any social media platform can be a good one for networking and prospecting. However, you’ll never get your recruiting efforts on autopilot if you spread yourself too thin by trying to create content for each social media platform. Instead, choose 1 or 2 places you want to market your business and concentrate there to build your professional social media presence.

If you’re unsure how to use each platform for your business, here are a few examples to help you get started:


Everyone and their mom will tell you to invest in Facebook ads to boost your business. I won’t. 


Because as a new network marketer, chances are you’re already spending money to make money by “being a product of the product”. Spending more money on expensive Facebook ads to build your downline is not good business. 

Another thing people won’t tell you about Facebook ads is you can’t use them to promote your network marketing business. Facebook bans ads for network marketing products. So before you open up your wallet to invest in Facebook ads, think twice. 

If you can’t use Facebook to run ads for your business, what can you use it for? You can join relevant Facebook groups to promote your goods and services. A word of caution though. Make sure you observe the rules of the group once you’re in. Don’t join groups to spam the community with your offers. Instead, watch how others in the group interact, determine which posts get the most engagement and decide how you want to design your posts to get the same type of interaction. 


Pinterest is always the odd man out when it comes to business and social media. But, it doesn’t have to be. Yes, the demographic is mainly women, but there are a lot of men in network marketing who successfully use Pinterest to build their business. 

So, how does Pinterest for business actually work and how can it work for you? This platform works best for network marketers who are using or planning to use a blog to promote their business. 

Sidenote – As a network marketer, the best way to promote your business is through your blog.  There, you can provide useful information in your own voice about your company’s product or services to provide value to people interested in your offer. 

The best way to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog and generate leads that will turn into sales is to either set your current account to “business” or create a brand new Pinterest business account. I’d recommend keeping your personal account separate from your business account unless your personal account is rarely used or is already “on brand” and aligned with your network marketing products and services. 

Once you set up a business account, you’ll need to link your website to it and apply for Rich Pins. According to Pinterest, Rich Pins are “a type of organic Pin format that provide more context about an idea by showing extra information directly on the Pin” . Basically, it’s a pin you create to give your audience more information on the product or service you are offering through your network marketing company. 

From there, you can join group boards on Pinterest. Group boards are collaborative boards that are usually owned by one person. The board owner has the authority to add other pinners who can contribute pins to that board. As long as your content is relevant to board topic and doesn’t violate any group terms, your pin submission will be accepted. This is a great strategy for using Pinterest to promote your network marketing business because it’s an easy way to have your Pins shown to more people across the platform. 

Expert Tip – Use Tailwind to automate Pinterest Growth!


I’m partial to YouTube because I use it heavily for my affiliate marketing business. This platform can work for any business, including network marketing. The premise of the platform is simple. You create videos relevant to the products and services associated with your network marketing company and use YouTube to draw viewers in. 

I want to share a content creation “hack” with you. Back when I created videos for my network marketing business, I simply used YouTube’s search bar, typed in “getting started with company X”, found some authority figures in the business and went to their channel. I saw the type of content they created, figured out which topics resonated most with the audience and created my own videos providing value on the topic. 

Once you start using YouTube, make the most of description box by putting your referral link there. That way, you can track the percentage of sales you make directly from YouTube. 


Instagram (IG) can definitely make a difference in your network marketing success. However, depending on the network marketing company you’re with, you might find IG a somewhat crowded space to promote your business. Because of that, you need to do more than post vague motivational quotes and pictures of your product to capture people’s attention. 

Instead, use Instagram to tell a story with your posts. Connect with your audience by offering value and take advantage of different ways to use the platform. For example, you can add value with story-selling posts, by sharing interesting and interactive IG stories and “going live” to discuss topics related to your network marketing business that your audience will find engaging. 

Keep your audience first

You may love your business and your products, but your job as a network marketer is to get others to do so. So many people in the space make the mistake of “drinking their own Kool-Aid” when they start marketing their business. And, I understand why. Most network marketing companies operate on the idea that “everyone can use this product/service so literally EVERYONE is your customer.” That’s simply not true. When it comes to marketing, if everyone is your customer, then no one is your customer. 

The best way to avoid become another network marketer shouting into the void is to narrow down who you are talking to, i.e. know your audience. Once you have a clear picture of who your ideal customer is, create content that speaks directly to them. Use story-selling to paint a picture of how your product has helped you (and others), share transformation stories (not the too-good-to-be-true kind but authentic stories) and more. 

Stop selling. Start marketing. 

Most network marketing companies use marketing efforts that are stuck in the 80s. Don’t believe me? Well, raise your hand if your up-line has ever suggested that you do in-person events, make a list of 100 of your closest friends to do 3-way calls with or walking up to complete strangers in the grocery store or mall to pitch them on joining the business. I’m almost certain everyone who reads this is mentally raising their hand at this point.

Take that advice and throw it out the window. Those tactics are not only deeply uncomfortable and gross, but they don’t work long-term. What does work is a marketing system that allows you to use the power of the internet to build your business. Instead of approaching people individually or in small groups, you can use the internet to find people who are interested in what you have to offer and speak directly to them in droves. 

Recently a few of my friends joined the same network marketing company. Because of my experience, one of them came to me directly to ask for help marketing her business online. I didn’t want to send her to a bunch of separate platforms and wish her luck trying to piece together a system. So, I made the commitment to find a complete marketing system for her to promote her network marketing business successfully. I was pleasantly surprised to find a few, but in the end, I suggested Secret MLM Hacks to her. 

All the things you need to become successful marketer can be found with the Secret MLM hacks system. I could go on and on about it (I’ve actually used it personally) but I already did. You can read more about it here

Once you learn how to use marketing systems to build your business, you can and should teach your downline to do the same. That’s called duplication. Despite what anyone tells you about the best way to become a successful network marketer, I’m here to tell you that your success depends on your ability to do this. 

Every 6 and 7-figure earner in this space has gotten there by using a marketing system that allows for duplication several levels deep. This, not approaching strangers in the grocery store of doing 3-way calls, is how you can grow your team to dozens and even hundreds of people in a short timeframe. 

The key to a good marketing system that allows for duplication is one that is simple to use and easy for others to plug into. My friend who started using Secret MLM Hacks was able to launch a successful network marketing business because she could quickly show her team members exactly what to do and how to do it. They were able to see a return on their investment and eventually went on to do the same thing she did. I won’t lie and say they all quit their jobs and are sipping margaritas on the beach, because they are not. But, they are earning free product and steady money, month over month as they continue to teach others to do the same.  

Finding success in network marketing isn’t rocket science but it will take time, effort and a commitment to succeed. 

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