How To Start A Successful Blog For Beginners

One of the biggest questions I get is how to start a successful blog for beginners? In this post, I’m going to go over exactly what you need in order to get your blog up and running. Just follow my 10 step process!

If you are feeling intimidated, then take a sigh of relief, because I’m going to hold you by the hand and show you the step by step process to getting your own blog up and running.

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Step 1: Understand Your Purpose

There are a ton of reasons for starting a blog.

But let’s keep it real, most people start a blog to make money writing about things they are passionate about.

The path to becoming a successful blogger and making a full-time income doing so is totally possible! But in order to do so, there is one thing you MUST be clear about..


Successful blogging is all about writing with a purpose. Each article must have a purpose behind it, so that your audience can receive the message.

While the journey can be a long one, if done right can be very fruitful along the way.

Step 2: Choose A Domain Name That Represents Your Brand

Choosing a domain name will be the most simple step in this guide, but it will also be the most important.

Your domain name is the first thing your audience will take notice of and will also be one of the determining factors for how Google understands what your website is about.

Which is why it is crucial to pick a name that not only represents your brand, but also what your brand is all about.

Choose something that represents what you stand for. If you aren’t sure of a brand, then simply use your name.

Use the search box below to determine if your name is available.

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Step 3: Get Your Blog Started With WordPress

There are so many 3rd party website builders in the market place. Everyday people are falling victim to the hype and setting themselves up for potential chaos down the road.

While it may seem more attractive to create your blog with a simple drag and drop platform (weebly, squarespace), the reality is you’re sacrificing the ownership of your blog.

As of a 2018 study, over 75 million websites are using WordPress right now around the world.

That is over 30% of the internet! Why you ask?

Because when you use WordPress for your blog, you’re creating something that you have full control and ownership over.

You don’t want to wake up to an email one day and notice that some third party website provider has changed their policies and put your website in jeopardy. Not when you’ve worked so hard.

This is why I recommend using WordPress.

Also, it’s the best platform to use for SEO purposes.

Hostinger is one of the best hosting companies to start your blog. I’ve recently transferred all of my websites to their hosting. They’ve got a clean interface, great customer support, and an amazing price. My experience with them has been amazing thus far.

Step 4: Choose A Theme For Your Blog

The theme is the actual design of what your WordPress blog looks like.

What’s cool about themes is that they don’t require any special coding skills.  All you have to do is choose it and use to make your site look beautiful.

For example, I created this site that you are on right now without using any special coding skills.

So real question is…

What theme should you choose?

Well you have a few ways you can go about choosing.

Free Themes:

WordPress comes with a plethora of free themes to use. The only caveat is that they lack many customization features and require code when you want to add that personal touch.

While it’s tempting to use a free theme (which you definitely can do), I recommend using premium ones, and I’ll tell you why for each that I like.

Premium Themes:

Divi ThemesThis theme is built by elegant themes and if your goal is to have a beautiful cohesive website, then they are your go-to.

Their templates are fantastic and have some of the most advanced features that make your website look amazing!

Thrive ThemesThis theme is an all-in-solution for marketers.

If the main focus of your blog is to create a business and monetize, then this theme will provide you with everything you need. This is also the theme I currently use for this blog.

Step 5: Create, Publish, Repeat

The most important part of the journey to growing your blog and business is to CREATE content.

Also, you must CREATE content on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter if you’re publishing everyday or every week, just be consistent about it.

Understand, if you don’t post content, then you will not get visitors and your blog will not grow.

Step 6: Share Your Blog Posts On Social Media

When you first start your blog, you obviously aren’t going to have any people visiting your site.

Guess what? That’s okay, it’s brand new and nobody knows about it yet.

This is way it is so important to share your posts to your social media outlets, because it’s a free source of traffic.

As your blog’s popularity grows then the need to share on social media won’t be as crucial, but it’s still a good habit to maintain.

As I said’s free traffic!

Step 7: Build Your Email List

One of the most important things you could to grow your blog and business is build your email list.

Look at an email list as your personal fan club!

After you start collecting emails from people, you can them send them emails promoting your new blog content and even selling products and services to them.

The larger your email list, the more momentum you will receive when you publish new content and launch products to sell.

There are 2 parts to building an email list.

#1. You need a way to capture leads.

This is typically achieved by building a single webpage or an opt-in box known as a lead capture page.

The one I use for this blog is through Thrive Themes.

Click Here To Check Out Thrive Themes

#2. You’re going to need a way to email your leads.

In order to email your leads, you’re going to need an email service provider.

These are also know as Autoresponders.

This is how you stay in communication with your leads/subscribers.

Here is one of the best email autoresponder services on the market called ActiveCampaign.

Click Here To Signup for a Free ActiveCampaign Trial.

Step 8: Build Your Audience & Grow Your Brand

Building your audience is really important for brand growth, and the only way to do that is through your content.

When you consistently put valuable content out into the world, it builds your brands credibility and popularity.

So if you want to grow your brand, continue to put out consistent valuable content that answers the questions your audience is searching for.

Step 9: Make Money From Your Audience

Now that your blog is set up and you’ve started generating content, it’s time to make some money!

If you want to turn your blog into a business, then you have to sell to your audience.

If you followed the previous steps, then this will be a natural progression.

Because you’ve provided valuable content to your audience, they’ll be more than willing to take out their wallets or purses to spend money with you.

So you’re probably wondering what you should be selling..

If you want to take the easiest route to making money online, then I suggest getting into Affiliate Marketing.

You can have a look at my FAQ about Affiliate Marketing here.

If affiliate marketing isn’t the path you want to take, then there are a few other options. 

  • Network Marketing
  • Coaching and Consulting
  • Your own products and services

The opportunities are endless, it’s just up to you and your goals!

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Step 10: Take Action!

I’ve been marketing online in general for quite a few years and the most important thing I can attribute to my successes is taking ACTION!

Everything I do, I do with purpose!

That means pulling the trigger and taking immediate action on decisions. 

If you’ve made it this far, then I commend you on taking action and making the decision to educate your self on this topic. 

But don’t stop here..continue to take massive action and follow through with your plan until you’ve reached your goals!

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