Legendary Marketer Review 2023: Is It Legit?

Looking for a thorough review of Legendary Marketer?Maybe you’re looking to promote Legendary Marketer or you want to know if Legendary Marketer is legit?

Eiterway, you’ve come to the right place, because the goal is to make money online.

About a couple years ago, I came across this course called Dream Car Profits by Jacob Caris, a ClickFunnels Affiliate. The course went over the different strategies Jacob used to win the ClickFunnels dream car award.

But the gold was located at the end of the training, within the bonus section. This is where he mentioned that he was promoting this program that worked really well with ClickFunnels.

That program was of course called Legendary Marketer.

Now I did not join right away.Once I discovered who Legendary’s founder was, I decided to do my research.

About 2 months later, I finally signed up to see what it was all about. And to be honest I’ve been quite impressed and decided to give my own Legendary Marketer review.

Legendary Marketer Overview

Product Name: Legendary MarketerFounder: David SharpeFree Trial: NoBonus + Discount: YesPrice: $7 – See HereNiche: Internet MarketingTraining: YesRefund: Yes – 30 Days Do I Recommend: Yes

What is Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketer is a online training company founded by Dave Sharpe in 2016. 

They teach you the fundamentals of internet marketing, while allowing you to earn a commission by referring others to the program. Currently thousands of people have grown their income by joining the program.

dave sharpe

I first heard of Dave through the infamous Empower Network, a program that I was apart of in 2012. It used to be one of the most popular network marketing companies at that time, but it unexpectedly took a nosedive and went bankrupt in 2017.

This was actually the only reason why I hesitated to jump on the Legendary opportunity right away. I feared that it was going to be similar to Empower.mike garvey jr and dave sharpe

But what’s crazy is I never understood what actually happened, so I looked into Dave’s story and discovered the real reason he left Empower Network. As I took a closer look to see what Legendary was all about, I felt more comfortable with Dave and the company he built.

The core product line of Legendary Marketer consists of various video trainings that dive deep into marketing, brand building, advertising and much more. They also arrange live events as well, like their Annual Masterminds.

What’s unique about Legendary is that every member is assigned a business coach.  This coach is someone you can contact for help, and keep you accountable so you can get the most out of the program.

Why Is Legendary Marketer So Popular?

Legendary Marketer is a notable online marketing training company because it’s one of the few businesses offering full, beginner-level training for just $1.99.The Insider’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing is one of the best beginner affiliate ebooks I’ve ever read, and it’s only $2.Picture a university that provided students with lessons ranging from basic marketing to private masterminds with high-earning entrepreneurs, yet cost as little as $2 – $7 for legitimate courses.Of course, high-level training programs are extremely expensive. However, if you do achieve that level, you are unlikely to care about the cost.

Is Legendary Marketer a Scam?

Legendary Marketer is not a scam. I’ve gone through most of the courses (aside from one-on-one coaching), and they’re packed with useful information that can help you grow a business.Dave provides training materials, coaching, and live events to HELP YOU BUILD A BUSINESS, as well as an affiliate program for experienced marketers to earn money for referrals. You must put in the effort or you will earn nothing.He makes no guarantees that this will make you rich or earn you anything overnight.In reality, his disclaimer states the exact opposite:According to him, the average affiliate income business earns between $500 and $2000.A scam, in my opinion, is a fraudulent company that promises the moon in order to defraud you of your money.Legendary Marketer is NOT one of them. David promises extensive, cutting-edge training as well as an equitable referral program. And, for the most part, he follows through.

Is Legendary Marketer Credible?

Yes, Legendary Marketer is a legitimate business opportunity. The majority of people who allege that LM is a “scam” just don’t work hard enough or put Dave’s teaching to good use. 

Who is Legendary Marketer for?

Legendary Marketer’s training is mostly for the beginning and intermediate marketers who want to start and grow their own online businesses or become digital marketers. Legendary is all about teaching you the core fundamentals you would need to succeed with ANY online business.

One of the first things I noticed was how the ideologies were closely related to those of Russell Brunson and what he shares with the ClickFunnels community. Marketing concepts like creating sales funnels, value ladders, and using stories to sell are heavily preached by both programs.

value ladder

Legendary Marketer Is For:

  • People who are beginners-intermediate in internet marketing and want to get to the next level in their business
  • Those who are already earning money online and who want to add an additional stream of income (the opportunity is there!)
  • Experienced marketer’s that want to advance their skills through masterminding with other successful marketers.
  • Those that don’t mind investing in advance course training — Don’t stretch yourself financially for these courses! Wait until you can afford them!

How do I get started with legendary marketer

To get started with Legendary Marketer you have to buy one of their products, so you can purchase the “Insider’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing” eBook for $1.99. It’s one of the cheapest ways to access the training program and also take the 15 Day Online Business Challenge for Free. 

From there, you have the option to schedule a 1-on-1 business plan call and they’ll help you decide the next best steps according to which products they have.

What’s Inside Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer contains a wide variety of products, and they continue to add more.

So the type of training you get really depends on which products you have purchased.

At the time of this review, the only way to join Legendary Marketer is through purchasing the Insiders Guide to Affiliate Marketing eBook or joining the 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge.  There used to be a few other funnels that you could join through, but they’re currently being redone.

Legendary Marketer Tools & Training

Legendary Marketer has no proprietary tools, they’re just an educational platform.

So that means there are a few basics you’ll want to consider having in place before joining Legendary.

These are just the basics you should have in place as an online marketer. They’ll go over some of this in the training. Although these will vary depending on how you choose to market your business. 

For example, will you be utilizing written content through blogging as your primary source of traffic, or will you produce more video content through YouTube?

*In regards to hosting, if you plan on Blogging, then I suggest getting WordPress through Hostinger. If you instead plan on primarily utilizing sales funnels, then you can use ClickFunnels. You don’t need both in the beginning.

Let’s have a look at what Legendary Marketer does supply you with:

  • DFY Funnels that you can import into your ClickFunnels account.
  • Email Marketing Templates
  • Phone Script Templates for sales calls
  • Video Templates for YouTube Videos
  • Approved images to use for promoting Legendary as an Affiliate and so much more.

Legendary Marketer Products

Legendary Marketer is a whole online business learning ecosystem that includes eBooks, classes, and one-on-one coaching.Let me guide you through what you get, beginning with entry-level products and progressing to high-ticket items.

Insiders Guide to Affiliate Marketing eBook ($1.99)

So let’s have a look at the eBook:

Dave Sharpe recently published a new eBook titled the Insiders Guide to Affiliate Marketing and it’s the brand new low ticket product that introduces people to the Legendary Marketer platform. 

Legendary Marketer is a whole online business learning ecosystem that includes eBooks, classes, and one-on-one coaching.Let me guide you through what you get, beginning with entry-level products and moving to high-ticket items.

legendary marketer ebooklegendary 15 day challenge bonuses

The Insider’s Guide is jammed with evergreen strategies that you absolutely must know before starting an affiliate business. I already explained most of them before, but David drops a lot of knowledge on finding products, identifying lucrative niches, sending traffic to your pages, and a lot more.

Plus you get bonuses like a free one-on-one consultation and access to a Facebook group with 20,000 members.

Click here to check it out.

The book is packed full of value for any aspiring affiliate marketer who’s ready to get started on a proper footing.

What you will learn are the foundations to affiliate marketing success.

The price of the book is only $1.99.  And you will also get access to the 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge for free as well.

Copywriter’s Playbook For 2022 ($1.00)

Let’s have a look at the playbook:

Dave Sharpe recently published a new packaged deal called the Copywriter’s Playbook and it’s a brand new product that introduces people to copywriting & Legendary Marketer.

legendary marketer copywriters playbook with bonuses

The package is full of value for any aspiring marketer who’s ready to learn the fast and easy way of copywriting.

It’s a step-by-step copywriting course, eBook, and collection of notes that will take you from zero to pro-level copywriter.It is NOT simple to complete or implement, but if you really dive deep and refine your writing chops, you might realistically start earning thousands of dollars for a single sales page.Again, it won’t be quick, but it’s a steal.As someone who knows nothing about copywriting, I found value in each and every video. I’m too busy to start writing content for other people, but now that I’ve done the course, I feel like I could write my own sales pages and ads.

The price of this course is only $1.00.  And you will also get access to the 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge for free as well.

15 Second Free Leads ($1.00)

TikTok is currently the most popular social media platform. Though the platform is mostly dominated by teenagers, I know a few people seeing great results using TikTok to drive leads and make sales via Legendary.

What makes TikTok a goldmine for marketers is the ability to gain traction in a short amount of time. All it takes is a short 15-60 second video. This makes it the best platform to use to get some quick wins for your business, especially as a beginner.

The 15 Second Free Leads Course is a recorded training showcasing 4 of Legendary’s affiliates who have seen some amazing results leveraging TikTok in their business.  If you aren’t camera shy, then this product is well worth it for only $1.

tiktok marketing training

Currently, TikTok is the Wild West of online lead generation. As compared to Facebook, Instagram, and the like, it’s a much less crowded site, and you can produce a lot of leads in a short period of time.

15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge ($7)

As if you couldn’t already tell, the 15-Day Business Builder Challenge consists of a series of trainings in which Dave teaches you the fundamental business principle. Consider it a deep dive on structuring, establishing, and launching your online business.

Though it’s not work at your own pace, I really enjoy that it doesn’t take 15 days to complete. All the videos are packed with tons of value and if you haven’t been exposed to these concepts before you will definitely learn a lot.

Most people have a misconception about the challenge.

When they first hear about it, they’re like, “A business in 15 days? Yea Right!

This is not a “create a business in two weeks” course; rather, it is a “learn the fundamentals of all successful online businesses in two weeks.”

After 15 lessons, you will have acquired all of the foundational knowledge required to launch a successful digital business.

Dave covers the following concepts:

  • Building Sales Funnels
  • The Value Ladder
  • Multiple streams of Income
  • Lead Generation
  • High Income Skills

And so much more.

Legendary Marketer’s Club ($30/mo)

The Marketer’s Club is the flagship offer ($30/mo) and in my opinion provides the most value. It’s also the only product that currently pays recurring commissions.

Dave and his crew have created a video series on a variety of marketing topics, from YouTube to the use of stories to sell more. After subscribing, you will get access to the entire series, which includes in-depth interviews with successful entrepreneurs. You may choose which ones to view.Want to learn how a genuine YouTube channel gained 250,000 subscribers? You can.Additionally, you obtain replays of weekly live training sessions led by successful entrepreneurs.Every week, Legendary’s Chief Marketing Officer, Matt, presents a webinar on a specific marketing topic. Consider it a lengthy “pick his brain” session with someone working behind the scenes of a tremendously successful brand.Dave’s team is exclusive to Legendary Marketer, so you will not find them anywhere. As I write this, there are more than 1,500 minutes of videos, so you will have plenty of time to watch.NOTE: There is a 30-day money-back guarantee, so even if you haven’t learnt anything after the first month, you can cancel and receive a refund.

Traffic University

Let’s have a look at the mid-level ticket product that Legendary Marketer offers called the Traffic University.

If you’re an online marketer, then you know the importance of lead generation for the sustainability of your business. You must have traffic for people to see your offers and buy from you using your affiliate links.

Legendary has a product called Traffic University that specifically teaches how to use various paid traffic strategies.

The world’s top advertising experts walk you through, click-by-click, how to succeed with your campaigns. Showing you how to dominate on all the top platforms, like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, GDN (Google Display Network), Twitter and Linkedin.

legendary marketer traffic rolodex

Each of these training modules are conducted by a company called AdSkills.

AdSkills is an on-demand training company that specializes in paid advertising methods. It’s run by Justin Brooke who ran his own 7 figure digital ad agency that made millions for his clients.

As a stand-alone platform, you would have to pay $1000s to get access to the AdSkills training. But since these are part of the University, you’ll get access to these 9 modules for just $1,497:

  • AdWords Ads 2.0
  • Facebook Ads 2.0
  • Google Display Network (GDN) 2.0
  • Instagram Ads
  • Landing Pages
  • Native Ads
  • Youtube 3.0
  • Twitter Ads 2.0
  • Linkedin Ads

While I have only gone through the Google Ads and YouTube 3.0 modules so far, I’ve been really impressed with the level of the content I’ve watched. Nothing you’re learning here is fluff. You’re getting in-depth, highly organized trainings on how to start getting traffic for each platform.

Business Blueprint Starters

Let’s have a look at the high-ticket products that Legendary Marketer provides.

On Day 2 of the Challenge, Dave Sharpe introduces you to the Core 4 High-Ticket Business models, which are:

  1. Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint
  2. Digital Products Business Blueprint
  3. Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint
  4. Coaching & Consulting Business Blueprint

The reason these business models work is because they meet the 3 criteria that make you money.

  1. Getting more customers
  2. Doing repeat business with those same customers
  3. Selling higher ticket products to increase revenue

As you can probably assume, Legendary Marketer has a business blueprint for each of these 4 high-ticket business models. Each blueprint is a full video series going deep on that specific topic.

Since I’m an Affiliate Marketer, let’s have a quick look at what’s inside the Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint.

affiliate marketing blue print

What pretty cool about these blueprints is that the videos aren’t the only way to consume the material. They come with written PDF’s and mp3s of each lesson so that you can review the content offline when you are out and about.

Each Blueprint costs $2,500 when bought separately. But you’ll also have an opportunity during the 15 Day Challenge to purchase all 4 blueprints for just $2,500 as an up-sell. All blueprints for the price of one is a pretty good deal.

As of right now, I’ve only completed the Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint and plan on starting some of the others.  If you are new to affiliate marketing, this teaches you everything you need to get started as a newbie.

In my opinion the two best sections in this blueprint are the “Creating an Affiliate Marketing Funnel” lesson and the complete section on “Getting Traffic”. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Live Events

Finally, let’s touch on the high-ticket events/products that Legendary Marketer is offering. These are the most current ones:

  • DFY Brand Builder
  • The Legendary Marketer Mastermind
  • The Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind
  • The Legendary Leadership Group

The DFY Brand Builder amazes me the most. Legendary will essentially create an entire business from scratch and brand it for you in a hands-on workshop. But that is too rich for my blood and to be honest, I enjoy building my own business lol.

Now I can’t comment on any of the live events because I’ve never attended one. But you’ll notice that some of the videos that are in the Marketer’s Club are from some of these masterminds.

Legendary Marketer Support

Legendary Marketer offers phone, email, and live chat support. I’ve used it a few times and  I was impressed! They’re very knowledgeable and fast at getting back to your questions.

They even have fast support on the weekends!

How To Make Money With Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program

Update 8/13/2020: Legendary Marketer commissions structure is broken down into 3 tiers.

  • Subscriptions: Earn 60% commission 
  • Courses: Earn 40% commission 
  • Mastermind/Coaching: Earn 30% commission

You make money by promoting Legendary Marketer through their affiliate program and earning commissions from referring new member sign ups.

In order for someone to join Legendary Marketer, they have to purchase one their various products.

These products vary in price, starting as low as $1.00 or as high as a few thousand dollars.

The best part here is that you don’t need to ever pick up the phone and close a sale. Legendary has a sales team that does that for you. So there’s really nothing to do aside from promote the products.

Previously, you had to own a product to receive commission on that product. 

Legendary Marketer as has since gotten rid of that model and has now put in place two affiliate options which I discuss in compensation plan section.

Legendary Marketer Compensation Plan:

Pro Affiliate: 29.95/Mo FREECommission: 20-60%

Update: 7/20/2022

Legendary Marketer has done away with the Basic Affiliate Plan and has made the Pro Affiliate Free for all members accepted into the affiliate program.

You still have to apply to become an affiliate. Legendary Marketer doesn’t just accept anyone. 

What’s also pretty cool is the scoreboard feature that highlights affiliates that have earned the most commissions with Legendary Marketer.

So this gives a competitive aspect to promoting Legendary.

How Much Does Legendary Marketer Cost

Since Legendary Marketer has a variety of products, the cost of Legendary will ultimately depend on which products you end up purchasing.

The most cost-effective way to join now is by purchasing the Copywriter’s Playbook for $1.00. This will also get you access to the 15-day challenge for free.

Here’s a quick summary of the current pricing for each Legendary product:

Legendary Products Price
Insider’s Guide To Affiliate Marketing eBook $1.99
15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge $7 one-time
Legendary Marketer’s Club $30 per month
Traffic University $1497 one-time
Affiliate Business Blueprint $2500 one-time
Digital Products Business Blueprint $2500 one-time
Events & Masterminds Business Blueprint $2500 one-time
Coaching & Consulting Business Blueprint $2500 one-time
Marketer Mastermind $8,000 one-time
Entrepreneur Mastermind $12,000 one-time
DFY Brand Builder $10,000 one-time
DFY Brand Builder & Mastermind Bundle $15,000 one-time
Legendary Leadership Group $30,000 one-time
Legendary Pro Affiliate Account $29.95 per month

Since there aren’t any official Legendary Marketer discounts, you can take advantage of the up-sells that they do offer to save you some money.

The first up-sell is for the Marketer’s club. You can choose to pay annually and get it for $179. This is almost a 50% savings.

Next, as part of the 15 Day Online Business Builder challenge, you will be offered a chance to purchase the Business Blueprint Bundle for a one-time fee of $2,500.

Not only are you getting all 4 of the Business Blueprint Bundles which normally cost $2,500 each, but you’ll also get access to the Traffic Rolodex and six months free of the Legendary Pro affiliate account.

As an additional bonus, if you can sell 10 Business Blueprint Bundles in 2 years, you’ll qualify for the Legendary tuition reimbursement program and can get your full $2500 back!

Frequently Asked Questions About Legendary Marketer 

Legendary Marketer Final Thoughts

Building a successful online business can be an overwhelming task, especially if you have no clue on where and how to start.

When signing up with Legendary Marketer, you will not only learn how to develop and grow your online business, but you’ll also get the opportunity to make money.

That’s what makes Legendary Marketer so valuable. It teaches you the fundamentals that are needed to build a successful business. From there, it will help you grow the rest of the skills you need to take yourself to the next level.

If you already have a business and are looking for a lucrative affiliate program to promote, then Legendary has that too.

Remember, success is never guaranteed. You’ll have to invest time, money and effort to get results. But it all starts with taking massive ACTION!

Ready to see for yourself?

All you need to join is $1.99 and download your copy of the Legendary Insider’s Guide eBook.

If you enjoyed what you read, then take the challenge and are ready to make money online by earning some cool commissions, then apply to become an affiliate.

I am also an affiliate and may be compensated for promoting Legendary Marketer. Thanks you for your time.

Legendary Pros

  • Great onboarding with the 15-day challenge
  • Weekly webinar replays in the Marketer’s Club
  • Has a great affiliate program
  • Comprehensive paid traffic strategies inside the Traffic Rolodex
  • Very responsive customer support (even on weekends)

Legendary Cons

  • No guarantee to be accepted into the affiliate program (blocked countries list)
  • Need to pay monthly to earn the highest affiliate commissions
  • High-ticket live events are expensive
  • No focus on SEO

Affiliate Disclaimer: We hope you liked this Legendary Marketer review. Please note that some of the links inside this article may be affiliate links to Legendary Marketer Products. That means that if you click on one of the links and sign up, we may be compensated for it. If you do happen to click, we really appreciate it! Any money we make keeps this site running smoothly and allows me to keep writing these high-quality reviews.

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